Mark Brooke - Rad barn!! Love the texture!!  10.1.09, 3:43pm
Melanie - I love the fence pic - although these are all wonderful family shots! :-)  9.29.09, 8:41pm
fer juaristi - since you showed the flare pic on twitter I knew this session was BIG, lovely shots!  9.28.09, 5:14pm
Sean McLellan - These are great--nice work!  9.24.09, 8:55pm
Cynthia McFarland - These are fabulous!!!  9.23.09, 10:18am
Amanda - The three that stood out for me. Mama kissing baby, dad and baby kissing mom and the one on the fence...absolutely beautiful. She is absolutely stunning. R&A, hope that you catch up soon...can't wait to see your newest stuff. Especially the ones with my new sister in law :)  9.22.09, 11:54am
Marge H. - Yes i sure do see GranPAW in #1.Gorgeeous family!!!  9.20.09, 2:58pm
dominique - STUNNING.  9.20.09, 2:34pm
Bethany - Sara! You look beautiful! I'm so glad you used NCS...I'm farming them out to everyone else as well. Hope we can catch up at some point!  9.19.09, 12:15pm
jules - I think that first image pretty much says it all ;). LOVE it. We'll miss you and will be patiently awaiting your return to the blogging world.  9.19.09, 9:22am
Alissa evans - what a beautiful family! great pictures!  9.18.09, 4:49pm
Nancy Petrizzo - Great captures of such a nice, beautiful family! :)  9.18.09, 4:43pm
oneshotbeyond - That 1st shot just grabs hold of the heart. How beautiful!  9.18.09, 4:00pm