jules - I got a kick out of Jeff's analogy, but it's true! I don't think you guys are allowed to get behind again - a week seemed like a lifetime! The shot at the railroad station - pure genius. The double guns image - priceless. Glad you're back!  10.3.09, 3:17pm
Amanda - We've missed you guys :) Nice to have you back. And a great way to kick back into the swing of it. Great job. Love the bouquet toss...so unique!!!  10.1.09, 6:12pm
Jeff - Welcome Back R&A. . . with a vengeance! Those reflections and peek-a-boos aren't the same with out your posts. Love the camcorder snag and the groom wink. That attention to detail is why I love your blog so much. It's like "Life" cereal. You just can't live with out it. Also, are these some of your most bad-ass reception photos to date? I think so. Welcome back and enjoy the swarm from your fans. Later.  10.1.09, 2:28pm
Jen - Glad to have you back, and some beautiful photos to start it out!  10.1.09, 1:13pm
Frank giardina - Hi... The Franks love working with you too! Nickel City inspires us. That shot of Megan having makeup put on is really awesome ... it's now my Desktop Image. Rich... I like the shot of Megan adjusting her veil too. My favorite is the capture in the church with the little girl peaking in the center isle. Nickel City Rocks!  10.1.09, 7:58am
kyle - I'm so happy you're back!  10.1.09, 6:43am