Ashlee - You guys caught some of the cutest moments! Love the colors of the wedding and it looked like such a great celebration at the reception what fun ideas!  11.2.09, 4:56pm
Jacob Cross - I love your reception lighting - killer.  11.1.09, 6:19pm
Amanda-Rose - The props are AWESOME. I can't believe no wedding I've ever seen has done this before. It's brilliant, not to mention it gives your wedding the very cool masquerade effect. Who wouldn't love that...ridiculously cool!  10.30.09, 2:49pm
paul j - killed these - excellent work.  10.29.09, 8:21pm
jules - At least Murphy has good taste in jewelry ;). Your favorite is my favorite, Alyssa and it's the perfect segue to the following shot, which I also love. Candy apple name tags - how cute is that?  10.29.09, 8:02pm
Cynthia McFarland - Sooo good, Alyssa - I love them!  10.29.09, 7:16pm