Jeff - Rich, I know you may still be on the fence about being a Bills fan, but don't give up. Once a fan, always a fan . . .right? Great set nonetheless. That yummy light and hint of Fall colors make this set for me. Super fun couples just make the best pictures right? When the stars align. . .looking forward to the wedding shoot. Doesn't come fast enough.  11.6.09, 9:54am
Aunt Gloria & Uncle Joe - I have to say these pictures really capture the true Scott & Kristen ...they are always fun to be around, and I can't wait until the wedding. Great pictures & what great fun!  11.3.09, 9:14am
Ashlee - Very Cute pictures! I love the Ridge! Cute ones at the stadium too :)  11.2.09, 4:52pm
rich - awwwwww, thank you so much guys!!! Krsiten and Scott rocked it out hard. Like, we could definitely tell Kristen is a blog reader when we shot with her - so, so good :) Hope everyone had a kick-pass Halloween!  10.31.09, 9:10pm
Aunt Diane - The pictures are awsome! It looks like everyone had a fun time shooting them.  10.31.09, 3:36pm
kim - What a gorgeous couple. The shot with the reflection in the puddle is un-real. The light in the later photos is sublime. You guys rock.  10.30.09, 10:32pm
Amanda-Rose - The second and the last shot are my faves. The reflection is one of the cooler one's I've seen you guys do. Definately an awesome shoot  10.30.09, 2:29pm
jules - Stunning couple in stunning photos = WOW! I adore each and every one of these so much that it's hard to choose a favorite (aside from the first image where sock clearly needs a new shirt). The reflection shot, the weeds that are tinted brown with age and the GQ shots are definitely at the top of the list though. Phenomenol shoot!  10.30.09, 1:21pm
Cory - These photos of Kristen & Scott are AWESOME! They look so adorable with their cool jeans on lol...We've been hooked on your blog here at work (shout out to SEFCU) since we saw Alyssa featured on the Pop Candy (USA Today) blog. We have been anxiously awaiting this post and I must say that you guys did not disappoint! Oh yeah, the Reflection shot is brilliant!!!  10.30.09, 11:33am
Caitlin - Awesome shoot guys - that reflection shot is killer. And here, borrowed from Matt, is an analogy for what it's like to be a Bills fan: "Being a Bills fan is like sending your girlfriend off to be a roommate on 'Real World.' Before the season starts you have this foolish hope that she won't let you down. However, in the depths of your being, you know that a few weeks from now, you will be sitting on your couch, watching your beloved fumble away her clothes, getting touchdown after touchdown scored on her." go sabres :-)  10.30.09, 8:16am
Aunt Jane - Really the happy ones where you're sitting on the ground.  10.30.09, 8:12am
Linda E - Awsome pictures- you captured Kristen & Sock's( my new nickname for my future son-in-law's) personalities 100%.  10.30.09, 7:28am
Kristen & Scott - We love, love, love our pics!!! Thank you soo much for making this such an amazing experience!!!  10.30.09, 7:21am