Kate - oh my goodness just absolutely fabulous/beautiful pictures. I tear up everytime I look at that....oh yeah i'm Lesleys maid of honor who creepily wandered around while you guys took pictures!! Also I love love love that you took a picture at St. Joe's which is our elementary schoo...when I get married (one day) I want to have that same picturel!!!!  1.7.10, 12:52pm
rich + alyssa - Jules - of course you were. All the cool kids were in Baltimore then :)  12.1.09, 7:37am
jules - Hey, I was in Baltimore on the 22nd too - who knew? Two thumbs up for Rich's shot outside the classroom windows. LOVE the series on the steps too! Hope you guys had a fantabulous holiday with some quality family down time.  11.30.09, 8:39am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Matthew! The light was truly perfect that day!  11.25.09, 7:36am
matthew morgan - lovely light. window and slide frame'aging is dope!  11.25.09, 3:01am
rich + alyssa - oneshot - thank you!  11.23.09, 9:59pm
oneshotbeyond - so joyful!  11.23.09, 9:58pm
rich + alyssa - Lesley, thank you guys. You guys are awesome, and we loved hanging out with you guys. We cannot wait for the wedding!!  11.23.09, 7:59pm
Lesley - Alyssa - you and Rich are the BEST - The photos are amazing, and Ryan and I can't thank you guys enough for the incredible job you did! Sorry you guys had to learn the hard way about eating things found in the back seat of Ryan's car ;-)  11.23.09, 7:58pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you Kristen! They are a gorgeous couple and make our job super easy!  11.23.09, 5:40pm
Kristen Capuana - Thank you for posting the pictures. Lesley is my sister-in-law. You captured both of them just as they are in person---I think all of your photos are so interesting and beautiful.  11.23.09, 5:39pm
Tonya Peterson - The commentary seriously kills me! you are hilarious! This session is great! They are both adorable and your pic are FAB!  11.23.09, 1:26pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Amanda! I thought I was a pretty accurate Rich!  11.23.09, 11:15am
Amanda-Rose - Rich's shot in front of the windows is definately an awesome one. Also, love the one's on the steps. You did a fantastic job posing as Rich...that's definately pretty accurate. Good work!  11.23.09, 11:14am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Emily! It feels so weird blogging by myself!  11.23.09, 10:12am
Emily Beaty - Love your narrating, Alyssa! :) Beautiful session, and I just adore your images.  11.23.09, 10:11am
rich + alyssa - Of course you do, Kim. You guys know everyone! They are beautiful - it's their smiles that get me. And these two never stop smiling!  11.23.09, 8:44am
Kim - Such a small world. We see this beautiful and tall couple at St. Joe's 8pm where Andy plays. The shots are great. I love the one of them and the tree fuzzed a bit off to the left. Congrats to all!  11.23.09, 8:43am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, jongirl. :) Come on, I thought I made a great Rich! :)  11.23.09, 7:55am
jongirl - Absolutely amazing photos of a gorgeous couple! Love the light and shadowing. Alyssa, perhaps you enjoy chatting with yourself a little TOO much ... is that dual personality thing coming out again? Wonderful shoot!  11.23.09, 7:54am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Susan!  11.23.09, 3:42am
Susan Hydzik - Really great work! Love the creative angles. You two rock!  11.23.09, 3:29am