susankedzierski - What can I say? These pictures are awesome! What a beautiful place to get married and what talented photographers!!!!!  12.18.09, 10:09am
Ashlee - The Zoo idea is AMAZING!!!! Oh these pictures are wonderful way to go rich and alyssa you never disappoint!! :)  12.17.09, 10:08pm
rich + alyssa - Bobbi - you make our day better :)  12.10.09, 11:49am
bobbi - LOVE these!!!!!! You two SO SO SO rock :) The bride and groom HAVE to be thrilled with these amazing images :D  12.9.09, 5:01pm
rich - Thanks, brother man :) It was pretty bad-ass. That is all.  12.9.09, 4:34pm
hugh - rad. that is all. especially the ceremony images. that is all. really.  12.9.09, 4:27pm
rich + alyssa - I KNOW!! It was the first one ever in the Zoo's rainforest exhibit, and they can sign us back up for it again ANYTIME :)  12.9.09, 3:24pm
Marissa Rodriguez - A wedding at the zoo!? So incredibly awesome!!!  12.9.09, 2:07pm
rich + alyssa - Hah hah, Jules :) What's so much fun for us is getting to shoot new places. It's cool to "get" a venue that you've shot a ton before, but you have to check yourself from repeating things - and then, often, you're over-thinking the experience...we'd love to shoot a brand new place EVERY week. The challenges therein make the job a lot of fun for us and also triggers us creatively.  12.9.09, 1:00pm
jules - Last, but not least....(sorry to have to nab the closer status from you Jeff). Best. First. Look. Ever! This is also my favorite venue of the year from you. Sooo many breathtaking moments here. WOW!  12.9.09, 12:54pm
rich + alyssa - I don't know, Jeff - it's going to be good to lay off for a bit after our final wedding of the year next weekend, but it's also nerve-wracking in an odd way. Like, I think we get a little better every time we shoot - well, that's the goal anyway - so laying off for a month or so is much-needed, but I assume I'll be shooting a bit just to stay ready for when we pick back up in February. The zoo was amazing. I don't think I'd want to shoot it every weekend, but it was FUN.  12.9.09, 12:20am
Jeff - I seem to be the last to the party on this post, but I want to chime in on this. The zoo venue is by far my favorite of the year from you two. Your chemistry together behind the camera just lifted this couple to greatness. Amazing moments captured here. Rich, yes! best behind the camera shot ever my friend. With 2010 creeping around the corner, what is next for you guys? For J&S, they a got a taste of what is coming for others. Stellar!  12.9.09, 12:18am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Brianna!!! :)  12.8.09, 3:09pm
Brianna Phelan - The ceremony location is amazing! I love the details and love her gown. Beautiful shots :)  12.7.09, 10:27pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Krista! We're working on the rest right now - SUPER happy with this wedding!!!  12.7.09, 9:55pm
Krista - These pictures are AMAZING! I keep looking over and over!! I could write something about every one of them! I can't wait to see the rest!  12.7.09, 9:52pm
rich + alyssa - They ARE a really good-looking couple, right?? It was so awesome to work with both of them and be part of the wedding!  12.7.09, 9:07pm
Kea - Rich & Alyssa - Your photography is awesome! Incredible! Capturing! Shawn and Julia are undeniably a beautiful couple - Julia's gorgeous no matter what she's doing and Shawn is obviously crazy about her (smart guy!). I recommended you to S&K and so glad they chose you... and S&K each other!  12.7.09, 7:15pm
rich + alyssa - The zoo is actually pretty damned awesome - did you know it's the third oldest zoo in the country?? They can't make it any bigger because of where it is in the city and Delaware Park being right there, but new exhibits like the rainforest make it a really bad-ass place.  12.7.09, 4:30pm
Kel - So I haven't left a comment in forever...this shoot is crazy! I never knew our zoo was so cool! The rainforest pictures are amazing!!!  12.7.09, 4:01pm
rich - That is so weird - I was JUST commenting on your blog when this came in. Your work is stupid sick, Matt. Having you like one of my shots makes my WEEK.  12.7.09, 2:04pm
matty mo - love the tone and grit on that bubble exit shot. well done  12.7.09, 1:57pm
rich + alyssa - Amanda-Rose - yeah, it's a pretty sweet spot to get hitched. I never thought about it either, but I guess it never hurts to ask!  12.7.09, 1:07pm
Amanda-Rose - I love that this worked out so perfectly, being an animal lover as well I never would've thought to get married at the zoo. I LOVE IT!!! It was so beautiful and so different. Loved all the shots, the ceremony shots were sick and the one with the lion...there are no words. Definately one of your unforgetable shoots guys...way to go!  12.7.09, 12:48pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks so much for commenting gemini!  12.7.09, 11:54am
gemini - i stalk the bejesus out of your website but have never commented - i lvoe this post so, so much. you make everyting look so pretty - g  12.7.09, 11:53am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Derek - you know, we weren't 100 percent sure what to expect from the ceremony re: our angles. We just guessed the best we could based on the rehearsal and then staked a claim and stayed there, switching lenses like crazy. I wouldn't have changed anything except maybe one fisheye - but there really wasn't time. I am really, really happy how everything turned out.  12.7.09, 11:38am
Derek J. Punaro - I love the vows on the rope bridge! Certainly makes for some unique photos!  12.7.09, 11:27am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so, so much, Corinna!!! We totally read your blog :)  12.7.09, 11:25am
Corinna Hoffman - What a beautiful couple! I love all the first meet shots at the zoo :) And the one of the reception with the glass doors/windows framing them :) PS-thank you, Rich, for stopping by in my blog and the encouraging comment :) Have a blessed day!  12.7.09, 11:24am
rich - Thanks, Christine! You know, this couple reminded me of you guys. The Botanical Gardens was their first choice, but had an event on their date - so they went to the zoo and voila, first rainforest wedding!!!  12.7.09, 10:25am
Christine - I had to come out of my google reader to comment on this one - it is amazing. I love the zoo - I hope they start doing more ceremonies there! Those bird photos were amazing Rich! Keep up the great work :)  12.7.09, 10:24am
rich + alyssa - Clark - it was such a relief to know you had our back during a very challenging ceremony to shoot, particularly since it was short. You can shoot with us ANYTIME.  12.7.09, 10:19am
Clark Dever - Had a blast photographing this dynamic couple. Congratulations again to Julia and Shawn! Thanks Rich and Alyssa for inviting me to work with you on this event!  12.7.09, 10:17am
rich - thank you, Yuliya! The ring shot was great - I meant to mention this in the blog text....I usually take all the ring shots but I was getting nothing and getting frustrated and Alyssa grabbed my camera and BAM - one frame, just right :) She's so awesome. I love her.  12.7.09, 10:00am
Yuka photo art - Wow, what an amazing wedding.....The ceremony in zoo...this is unusual :-) You did a wonderful photographs for this beautiful couple! And I adore photo of rings!!!!!  12.7.09, 9:59am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Amanda! They really are an amazing couple, and we're lucky to get to work with such amazing people.  12.7.09, 9:43am
Amanda Tripi - I can not believe that a photographer was actually able to capture the vivid nature of both Shawn and Julia in the same shots. Beautiful work, you truly gave them some wonderful memories.  12.7.09, 9:36am
rich + alyssa - Ha! That would be pretty spectacular!  12.7.09, 12:47am
twoeightnine - Damn, that's awesome. I'm thinking next time you're going to need a scuba photographer too.  12.7.09, 12:46am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Mike!  12.7.09, 12:46am
Mike - that ringshot is killer!  12.7.09, 12:45am
rich + alyssa - Julia - I'm so glad you guys like them! We had such a great time, and we're totally in love with your photos! Thank you guys for having us with you. You really are an amazing couple.  12.6.09, 11:42pm
Julia Hinca - So, we are in Mexico, on our honeymoon, sitting in bed and this really made our night! Such a perfect way to top off our week!! We couldn't be happier! You guys did such a great job, we couldn't thank you enough. Thanks for spending the day with us and capturing all the special moments. Can't wait to see the rest. And it goes without saying that I especially love the cat picture! :)  12.6.09, 11:41pm