rich + alyssa - I know, right??? Purple shoes, red shoes, blue shoes - anything colorful is a lot of fun :)  12.18.09, 9:22am
Tonya Peterson - FREAKEN LOVE HER SHOES! I love a bride who will wear red shoes! Love them!!!  12.18.09, 3:01am
rich + alyssa - thanks, man - it's always a supreme pleasure to hear from you on our blog!  12.16.09, 9:22am
fer juaristi - your POV are always so unique, you are everywhere!  12.15.09, 5:27pm
rich - Thank you, Harmony! I think Anne-marie et al did a hell of job with the decor at the reception. Pearl Street is super awesome and their event planner person is an awesome PRO in all caps.  12.15.09, 4:47pm
Harmony Loves - I love this wedding! I love the red and green and the winter and the candy cane and rings! All of it just rocks!  12.15.09, 2:41pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Lynn! There are some really cool reasons to do wintertime, but it's so up in the air. Last December we had a couple do a snow-themed wedding - and it hit 50 or something ridiculous that week and there was NO snow!!  12.14.09, 7:02pm
Lynn - These photos are awesome! Makes me wish I had a winter wedding! So rich and vibrant.  12.14.09, 12:19am
rich + alyssa - Angela, you're the sweetest :) We should have the rest up for everyone to see soon :)!!!  12.12.09, 3:45pm
Angela - So I haven't commented yet but I've looked at these pictures a thousand times! I cannot wait to see the rest! My sister looks so incredibly happy and that makes me so happy! You two did an AMAZING job! Thanks!  12.12.09, 3:40pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Mary! They are easily one of the happiest, most fun couples we've ever worked with - they made life so easy and our work SO enjoyable!! They need to move back here to Buffalo so we can all enjoy them here.  12.11.09, 11:15pm
Mary E - Seriously some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen! You captured the fun and beauty that is Anne-Marie and John! Great Job!  12.11.09, 11:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Andrea :) We just ordered a large print of that particular city hall shot to hang in our studio :)  12.11.09, 8:31pm
Andrea Brooks - The photos are absolutely AMAZING! I love the one in front of city hall. It needs to be on the cover of a magazine!!!!  12.11.09, 8:30pm
rich + alyssa - Why, oh why, does it not surprise us in the least that you know AM??? I think your rate may be even higher than 33.33%, I swear if you guys don't know someone, they know YOU guys. You're like the Buffalo mafia, but without the whole pesky running a crime syndicate thing. :)  12.11.09, 4:09pm
Bethany - OK - So I haven't actually SEEN Anne-Marie in at least a decade or more, but in context, I "knew her when." Yeah OLSH. (And Mattinglys - I think someone in my family knows someone in the blog at least 1/3 of the time).  12.11.09, 1:52pm
rich - Awww, I'm glad you like that one of the bouquet and dress. I think it can get kindof cliche to do a shot like that, but I just kindof looked over and thought it would look really pretty at a really shallow depth of field. How awesome is a bride who is like, "Screw the cold, I want my photos in the snow!" ?? The ring shot was ALL Alyssa - I took it, but she was holding it REALLY steady for me while I did that. We really need an extra arm and hand each most days.  12.11.09, 12:50pm
jules - Rich - you killed the shot of Anne-Marie from the waist down, showing her peek-a-book shoes and stunning bouquet! The nose-to-nose shot amidst a winter wonderland is just perfect. The ring shot - pure genius. Cell phone dude eternalized - priceless!  12.11.09, 12:48pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much for saying that, Miles and Jeani :) It's definitely our goal to try and capture moments that let people feel like they're there again, or can imagine the feeling of the day if they couldn't make it. We hear that Anne-Marie and John are DEFINITELY enjoying some sun right now :)  12.11.09, 12:45pm
Miles & Jeani - We loved the pictures, which made us feel as if we were at this very happy and special celebration. The pictures really captured the event. We have never seen such an artistic rendering of a wedding. Enjoy every moment of the honeymoon.  12.11.09, 12:40pm
rich + alyssa - yo, thanks Cooper! How's life down in Pittsburgh treating you guys??  12.11.09, 12:15pm
jonathan cooper - ring shot, cell phone guy, and cigar shot are super duper!  12.11.09, 12:05pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks for commenting, Mary, Kathy and Tim!  12.11.09, 8:28am
Kathy Toy - OMG- I love the pics. I am sorry we missed you at the hash. You are a beautiful couple and I love you both.All the Best!! I can't wait to see you. Kath and Tim  12.11.09, 1:49am
Mary Bloom - Fantastic Pictures of the Wedding you guys!!!! Beth and I thought about you all day and we are so honored and happy for you both. Enjoy you honeymoon and take it easy you twol. All the best and much love!!!! Mary  12.10.09, 11:07pm
rich + alyssa - I think so too, Mike. Red roses are just so classic.  12.10.09, 10:25pm
Mike - I love the classic red roses...and the last pic is my fav. It's just such a great moment captured.  12.10.09, 10:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you guys. Seriously, we were so happy to be apart of such a really fantastic day. You guys are so much fun, and we were thrilled to be a part of the day. You guys rock. So much so, that I'm forgiving that pool bar gloating!! :)  12.10.09, 9:47pm
John & Anne-marie - OH MY GOD!! WE LOOOVVEE THESE PICS! You guys did amazing work! Thank you sooo much!!! WOW! We are so happy! Now...back to the pool bar...enjoy the snow! hehe...  12.10.09, 9:46pm
rich + alyssa - Lisa - thank you so much! You guys were really such an awesome group - Anne-Marie + John seriously have a killer group of friends.  12.10.09, 9:37pm
Lisa - Rich and Alyssa - We had such a blast with you guys all day. We felt like you were part of the party! Thanks for being so fun. These photos are spectacular.  12.10.09, 9:36pm