Tonya Peterson - That second shot is so awesome! Love the colors and flare.  12.28.09, 12:55pm
rich + alyssa - Aren't they, though!?! Thanks for stopping by, Heather!  12.22.09, 12:35pm
oneshotbeyond - super cute couple!  12.22.09, 11:54am
rich + alyssa - Aww, thank you so much, Lynn :) !  12.21.09, 8:55pm
Lynn ( aka 'Favorite Aunt' of the Bride) - Holy engagement battman! These photos are perfection!  12.21.09, 5:14pm
rich - That's super awesome to hear! Being married is a lot of work - but in a GOOD way. I can't possibly imagine not being married to Alyssa. It's just - well, inconceivable :P. We LOVED Lauren and Andrew - like, I'm still checking hospital records to make sure Andrew and I weren't separated at birth. We have to order prints of you guys, too, ironically. It makes us happy to have all our cool-ass memories of couples up on our studio wall each year. Talk to you guys soon!  12.21.09, 12:22pm
Lori - Rich- Jake and I are doing fantastic & we love being married! We can't wait to get some of those wedding and engagement photos in frames and display them proudly at our home. We check back regularly to see what you two are up to. Looks good and keep 'em coming! Can't wait to see my friend Lauren's (& Andrew) wedding photos - her engagement photos were amazing! Great job you 2!  12.21.09, 12:01pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you! :) We've been talking about how we're going to do our "best of" posts this year, and it's a tough call - maybe we'll do things like that (reflection shots, etc) instead "best ceremony" "best getting ready" etc, etc. We dunno - definitely not doing it till January, anyhow :) Hope you guys are having a good time in the snow!  12.20.09, 4:14pm
jules - What a great "feel" this series have - Ashlee and Adam are overflowing with joy. That reflection shot is in the running for one of the. best. ever! I also love Lyss's favorite.  12.20.09, 2:58pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, guys - stop by and comment any time :)  12.20.09, 12:50pm
Ayres Photography - Hi Rich and Alyssa! We've been reading your blog for ages, but this is our first-ever comment! This set is just beautiful...leave it to you two to make winter in Buffalo look like fine art. Chestnut Ridge is one of our favorite places to shoot (since we live so close to it), and it's awesome to see it from your perspective. Keep up the amazing work!  12.20.09, 12:43pm
rich - Thank you so much, Aunt JoAnn - those are always some of my very favorites (style-wise) to take during a shoot :)  12.20.09, 11:40am
Aunt JoAnn - These are beautiful just like Kristin told me!!! I do have a fav though, it's the black and white close up.  12.20.09, 11:39am
rich - Thanks, bro! You can't really put shiny stuff in front of Alyssa without her trying to shoot it - she's kindof like a magpie :)  12.20.09, 7:37am
Austin Curtis - the ornament shot is my favorite. sick shots my friends! truly truly!  12.20.09, 2:31am
rich + alyssa - dude - you know you don't stop smiling, regardless. You guys will probably be smiling even later today when the Bills fail to cover the spread for the millionth time v the Pats. Brutal - but have a good time at the Ralph! We had a really good time, bro - we'll see you guys soon!  12.20.09, 12:30am
Adam - Guys, amazing job! I could not be happier (except when i finally got out of the cold and got my normal color back). everyone absolutly loves the pictures and we are so so so happy that we decided to go with you. i can't tell you enough how amazing it is and thank you so very much. i cant wait til august for the real thing. I have not stopped smiling since you guys posted them. Thanks again great job!  12.20.09, 12:08am
rich + alyssa - You're gonna get us choked up!!!!! We're sitting her talking about it - and this is why we do this job. When you get Ashlee and Adam together, you can SEE that they're just totally IT for one another. Getting that right in the camera is awesome and it makes us so, so happy that we get to share in what they're feeling and what the people around them feel. That's maybe a little sappy and mushy, now that we think about it, but the photos are super happy and that's what we like to do - happy people being happy :)  12.19.09, 8:45pm
Laurel mother of the bride - So here I sit with tears streaming down my face- I can hardly breathe!!! They are SOOOO incredible-Ashlee looks incredibly beautiful in every shot and Adam DEF. has that male model look going. Every one I said THIS is my favorite,next one,,,no, THIS is my favorite,,,,so anyway.. I love them all but do especially love the one of Ashlee laughing soo hard. Thank you Alyssa and Rich- you are truely amazing artists.  12.19.09, 8:43pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Coni!!! Can't wait to get together with you guys :)  12.19.09, 8:15pm
Coni - Beautiful! As always!  12.19.09, 7:56pm
rich + alyssa - Lori - we really struggle at CR a little bit since we've had some really rad shoots there! I mean, what do we do after that shot with your glasses that was one of our favorites EVER. Anyway, we try to make sure we never really repeat ourselves - and if we do, we don't so it too much. I think each of our couples expect us to invent new stuff for them - which is only right, you know? We def have a style and a shot vocabulary, but we hate catching ourselves being repetitive. How are you guys doing, by the way???  12.19.09, 7:46pm
Lori - we had our engagement photos done here and you still found new ways to shoot at the same place - bravo rich and alyssa!!  12.19.09, 7:33pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Dana! We knew we had to use those bleachers - we rarely think shots through beforehand because it's never a good idea to fall in love with a plan as a photographer when you shoot the way we do....but we loved the bleacher shots - and the sleigh - oh yes, we went there - a maybe a little cheesy, but we love it!  12.19.09, 7:30pm
dana - these are soooo wondeful. i love the first one of you guys under the bleachers... i laughed when i finally saw the sleigh picture because i heard so much about it!  12.19.09, 7:29pm
rich + alyssa - Heck yeah, call us Kristin - any friends of a+a are probably also completely freakin awesome. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving us a comment!  12.19.09, 7:28pm
kristin - apparently i know who to call when we are ready to book a photographer!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!! every picture is so real, and i love that. ashlee and adam- great decision! love you guys!  12.19.09, 7:27pm
rich + alyssa - G&G - thank you SO much! We can't wait to meet you and the rest of your awesome, awesome family this coming August!!!  12.19.09, 7:20pm
Grama & Grampa - Ahh!!! what great shots what great kids we love you both, that is so cool (tee hee) that you did winter photo's--I love all of them. kudo's to the photographers too.... G & G  12.19.09, 7:11pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Nancy - you are way too sweet!  12.19.09, 7:00pm
Nancy Petrizzo - Amazing, as always!! I really can't pick a favorite!  12.19.09, 6:58pm
rich + alyssa - OMG - YOU ROCK, Susan :) :) :) !!!  12.19.09, 6:49pm
rich + alyssa - Linda - that is so sweet. We cannot WAIT to spend the day with your family. We got the whole story of the proposal and, well, we're just feeling pretty damned lucky your kids went with us for their photos.  12.19.09, 6:48pm
Susan Kedzierski - No, no, I changed my mind, the black and white is my fav! No, I changed my mind again, they all ROCK!!!  12.19.09, 6:47pm
Linda - Mom of Groom - Thank you for making a Mom cry :)Oh My God they are so so so amazing! You have captured the personalities of our beautiful children and I do have my favorite! Now I can't wait to see the rest! You are both true artists.  12.19.09, 6:47pm
rich + alyssa - thank you so much, lol :) Does Adam NOT have that male model "look off in the distance meaningfully" thing nailed or what??? Just an awesome couple.  12.19.09, 6:46pm
Susan Kedzierski - OMG!!!! What great pictures. I know because I am an expert cause I've looked at them at least 100 times! My favs are the sleigh one and the one right after.  12.19.09, 6:44pm
rich + alyssa - Aww, thank you, Kelly :) It takes a GORGEOUS future bride to rise above the ridiculous cold and look this damned good! We left the shoot super happy and now that we've gone through all the images we are WAY stoked for next August's wedding.  12.19.09, 6:43pm
Kelly - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! You guys did such an amazing job! Ashlee has been talking non-stop about how much fun it was and how freezing she was but that she couldn't wait for everyone to be able to see them, now I know why. They are gorgeous!! Congrats and nice work.  12.19.09, 6:41pm
rich + alyssa - Aren't they such a kick-ass couple together? I like it when we meet our couples and we're like, "Oh yeah, duh - of course they're supposed to be together for life." The wedding is going to be a friggin blast.  12.19.09, 6:36pm
Chelsea - OMG! they are so adorable! I had no idea what to expect but they are so awesome!! I'm so happy and excited for both of you!!  12.19.09, 6:31pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Allie! Yeah - it takes a special couple to pull off that level of happiness and excitement when they can't feel their own faces, lol :)  12.19.09, 6:15pm
Allie - woohooo!!! beautiful beautiful winter shots! didn't even look like you were beyond freezing! wonderful job, love them all!!!!!  12.19.09, 6:12pm
rich + alyssa - THANK YOU ASHLEE!!! We are going to be looking forward to your wedding so hard next year. Hurry it up already, okay?? Hey - we've all suffered together now, the wedding day will be total cake :)  12.19.09, 6:08pm
Ashlee - OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! They are absolutly AMAZING!!! Thank you so so much we had an awesome time and still have not stopped talking about it! You guys are wonderful!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you I can not say it enought you captured "Us" !!  12.19.09, 6:06pm