rich + alyssa - Thanks, Deborah! We pride ourselves on catching those moments - we used to be photojournalists, so catching things as they happen is just how we've learned to shoot, and it lends itself well to receptions! This was definitely a fun post to select, that's for sure!!  1.11.10, 7:34am
Deborah - I cannot believe how you guys get the shots that you do. You're unbelievable and I hope like crazy you guys can shoot my wedding some day.  1.10.10, 10:27pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, guys! We thought about a details post, but we thought we were getting pretty long at this - I think one more best of - our eshoots, and then we're getting back to work! :) It's been fun though!  1.10.10, 7:33pm
ayres photography - Great choices! These are all freaking A-MAAAAAZING shots!!! Will there be a "Best Of Details" post? I do love seeing your ring shots... :)  1.10.10, 3:16pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks guys! You guys were so much fun on your wedding day - one of the things I loved about this end of year recap was going through all the shots - I loved how much fun you guys had at your reception! Seriously, you two are dancing machines!! :) I hope all our parties next year are even half as fun as yours!!  1.9.10, 9:29pm
Jen & Matt - You both never cease to amaze. Thanks again for sharing your amazing abilities and for being the most amazing two people to work with on our wedding day!  1.9.10, 9:19pm