joel - wow these are just great! what a year you guys must have had!  1.26.10, 12:13am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Mindy! We'd been wanting to do that for a while a just needed a dual-glasses-wielding couple :) We love that one and the couple was so rad - I love keeping in touch with our brides and grooms over the years.  1.20.10, 2:21pm
Mindy - I loved the shot thru the glasses. Very creative.  1.19.10, 8:10pm
rich + alyssa - I know, right, Kim?? Your wedding day is going to be an epic amount of fun!!!  1.19.10, 2:20pm
Kim - YAY!! We're siked to be in one of your fav. shots from the year!! It's one of our fav. shots too and already prominently displayed on our wall:-) I was just thinking about you guys the other day and wishing that it wasn't still 7+ months til we get to hang out again! Hope you're both doing well:-) xoxo Kim & Adam  1.19.10, 1:43pm
rich + alyssa - thank you, Fer! It was fun to go back over the year - I can't believe we're about to start shooting weddings again already. I'm glad you inspired us to make 2010 a "prime" year :) Still waiting on the 135 and the 24, but we are LOVING the 35.  1.18.10, 2:17pm
fer juaristi - dudes, it´s so cool to see this sequence of images, you had a great year! keep rocking and inspiring us!  1.18.10, 7:58am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, matty mo!! I think we got a lot better - still a long way to go :) It's all good :)  1.17.10, 4:15pm
matt - good job you two last year, lots of great imagery  1.17.10, 4:08am
rich - Thank you, Cathy! That was def one of my favorites from the entire year of any shot - stuff like that just doesn't show up all that often to shoot, you know??  1.16.10, 2:15pm
Cathy - Wow. You guys so equal the awesomes. I had so much fun looking at these. My fave is the one in the greenhouse. Love the lines!  1.16.10, 1:57pm
rich - Aww, thank you, Harmony :) How are the push-ups goin?? I'm on wk 4, and it is KILLING me!!!  1.15.10, 2:14pm
Harmony Loves - I love them all. you two are amazing!  1.14.10, 12:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, John!  1.13.10, 2:12pm
johnwaire | photo - amazing year in review.  1.13.10, 8:18am
alyssa - Caitlin - you should definitely trip up for our LOST party!!! We planned to meal today - loserdom CENTRAL up in here :)  1.12.10, 8:40pm
Caitlin - Stunning. Well done, you two. (...3 weeks!!!)  1.12.10, 8:39pm
alyssa - Thank you so much, Emily! It was a long one, but definitely a good one :) Sometimes I wish we could shoot engagement session all the time.  1.12.10, 5:55pm
Emily - Wow I LOVE the variety. What a great year!!! Beautiful work. :)  1.12.10, 5:54pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, as always, our friend :) I think you've touched on a big point. It's definitely our jobs to take regular folks just like us and shoot them in such a way that they look like total rock-stars. I know I want them to look at their photos and say, "damn - that's the best I've ever looked." That's the goal - it's not to make them look like models or make us look like fashion photographers - because nobody is either, you know?  1.12.10, 11:50am
Jeff - I have said this once before here. . .I think, but these are truly what separate a photographer from a great photographer. These photos set the stage for so many things (how the couple reacts to you, the joy they find in each other and finding that comfort zone for exploring your artistic expression) You have so instinctively and without question raised the bar of coolness for each one of these people in this set. They are rock stars, all of them. You made them feel for a few hours. . .untouchable. And. . .the thing that kicks the most ass, is that you do it again, at an even high level, when you do their weddings. I come to call you my invisible photography friends. Why? because we constantly communicate through these wire walls of the internet and yet have never met. It is always a pleasure to stop by and leave a word and I can't wait to see what is up your inked sleeves yet in Buffalo.  1.12.10, 11:48am