Meg @ Sienna Wedding - Wow... seriously gorgeous! I'm completely in love with that 3rd shot... I'd love to feature it on my blog!  1.25.10, 2:49pm
jules - Okay, I used to bum-out about the fact that I'd never be able to coax you up this way for a summer or fall shoot (because it's the midst of your silly season). Then....I saw this post. I love, love, love these. The only thing better then tall grass? Tall grass WITH snow! Maybe I can entice you to come out next January for this -  1.11.10, 1:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Amanda-Rose! Weren't those trees the best? Seriously, A lot of the time woods in winter can be so barren looking, but those trees covered in snow were awesome. Man, do I love this time of year!!  1.11.10, 7:28am
Amanda-Rose - Absolutely looooove the ones with the trees...wonderful!!!  1.9.10, 12:34pm
rich + alyssa - Gretchen - that's crazy - I knew a guy in high school who did that with the heat full on because he liked the fresh air, and I hated driving in his car. Brrr! If Mark goes coatless, he'll have my major respect, but I'd never do it! That's the cool thing about winter shoots - you look just as cute in a fun hat or ear muffs!  1.8.10, 7:26pm
Gretchen - Gorgeous pics! I can't wait to have our winter e-shoot!! Mark will be like Dan with no coat on! He drives in his weather with the window down! Love the pics guys!  1.8.10, 7:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Erin! We're really big fans of winter shoots, too. For some reason, snowy days make me think of Victorian Christmases which probably were awful because you were likely really poor, cold and hungry, but they had horses-drawn sleighs, which is the ultimate in romantic to me!  1.8.10, 6:54pm
Erin - I love your winter pics! This is one of my favorite e-shoots of yours!  1.8.10, 6:53pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Sue!! We really still can't believe how hardcore you guys were. Seriously, if my pants had been half as wet as Dan's. I'd have had an expression of horror on my face. You guys were really amazing to shoot!  1.8.10, 6:08pm
Sue - They came out awesome!! So much fun to work with you guys. Thank you so much :)  1.8.10, 5:01pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Tonya! Oh, we have cancelled this winter - last weekend we had a sesh scheduled and the windchill was around -7, so..yeah, we didn't do that one :) The most ironic one we cancelled this month? We cancelled one for LACK of snow when we had an unexpected warm snap.  1.8.10, 4:49pm
Tonya Peterson - You guys are tough! I probably would have canceled! LOL! BUt seriously! Amazing shoot!  1.8.10, 4:08pm
rich + alyssa - Hey Teresa :)! We can't wait to work with you, either!  1.8.10, 2:54pm
Teresa - you guys just made my week...i'm mentioned in your blog! i LOVE this shoot. it was great meeting you both and can't wait to work with you!  1.8.10, 2:53pm
rich + alyssa - Hugh, a comment from you makes the whole damned day money. I thought we said we weren't going to discuss the new direction of our photography in public, bro - that color process is going to blow people away wen we unveil it to an unsuspecting world.  1.8.10, 1:52pm
hugh - wow. you guys are so gnar. killer sesh. love that vertical TS image. and i'm siding with alyssa on this one, photoshop is for sure a verb. selective coloring.. ever heard of it?  1.8.10, 1:51pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Yuliya!  1.8.10, 1:50pm
Yuka photo art - Oh, I LOVE these photographs! Guys you are amazing! You never stop to surprise me :-)  1.8.10, 1:49pm