matt - i like those wide angles shot- specially the tunnel jumper and the last one walking away- super moody and sick texture!  2.6.10, 3:21am
Emily - Love this session... I love the different angles & locations. I love the snow, too! Great work. :)  2.2.10, 11:57am
fer juaristi, - awesome session guys, that first shot is just amazing. Cheers from MX  1.29.10, 8:29am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, guys!!  1.20.10, 9:27pm
ayres photography - Awesome set! I love these! Great work, as always... :)  1.20.10, 11:18am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Mindy - we're kindof goofy like that :)  1.19.10, 9:27pm
Mindy - Nice work I like the jumping one under the bridge best!  1.19.10, 8:08pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Aunt Julie!!  1.19.10, 4:26pm
Aunt Julie - Amazing shots!! Truely capture the love and fun these two share with eachother. Love you guys!!!  1.19.10, 4:14pm
alyssa - Thank you, Marissa!! You rock :)  1.19.10, 2:21pm
Marissa Rodriguez - That first shot is genius! Actually, pretty much every shot is as per usual :)  1.19.10, 1:52pm
rich - Admission? I am 100% that cheese-ball and we had been talking about dogs pretty much the whole shoot so I was screwing around with doing something kindof "off" and I ended up with their footprints and dog pawprints, too.  1.19.10, 1:00pm
Tanya - I really like how on the last photo it has their footprints, but also a doggy's footprints (for their golden!) cheesy? yes! unintentional on your part? hurumph. :)  1.19.10, 12:59pm
rich + alyssa - Just us bein us :) I think we've settled on some things, stylistically anyway, and we're trying some other things that are new. Plus we got a new piece of glass and that's always a good way to push some new ideas :)  1.19.10, 12:21pm
Amanda-Rose - These are great photos. I can't quite put my finger on it but there's a bit of a different feel to these and I love it.  1.19.10, 12:20pm
rich - I wish I could say I haven't owned way too many in my lifetime :) Well, another lifetime, anyway!  1.19.10, 12:03am
josh solar - hahaha...Phish bootlegs. lol :) I love that there is snow on the ground but the couple doesn't even care. Love that first shot.  1.18.10, 11:58pm
rich - Thanks, bro - we picked up a 35 finally :)  1.18.10, 11:00pm
jonathan cooper - Bokeh as smooth as butta! seriously good stuff here..  1.18.10, 10:45pm