mpkylauzk - YcuY5m ixrmkaspcphi, [url=]qoxvsxtzmbvq[/url], [link=]eakebmvtivhh[/link],  1.13.11, 12:48pm
jules - So hard to pick a favorite (or two or ten) from this series - they're all so great! I don't know Logan, but I feel like I do after viewing these - his personality just shines right through!  2.26.10, 6:47am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, A!!  2.25.10, 4:07pm
Amanda-Rose - Too cute!!!  2.24.10, 11:58am
rich - You know it, Marissa. I busted Optimus OUT. Sadly, it was mostly because we could not figure out how to get him fully transformed and I hoped a couple clients could help. It was a nightmare. 5 years and up MY ASS!!!  2.24.10, 11:50am
Marissa Rodriguez - I love that optimus prime made appearances during client meetings! Haha! Love this session guys!  2.24.10, 11:47am
rich + alyssa - No, "IRONHIDE!!!!" Lol, I love it when he corrects you, he's such a trip :)  2.24.10, 7:12am
"Aunt" Amy - I am absolutely amazed by these pictures they are so beautiful. It truly is the essence of Logan...oh sorry "Buzz Lightyear."  2.24.10, 6:29am
rich + alyssa - Yo, thanks Mike!!!  2.24.10, 1:30am
mike - these are really great guys!  2.24.10, 1:26am
rich + alyssa - You know it! He is such a little ball of personality. He's an awesome kid and I can wait, because it's awesome to be a little boy, but it'll be super rad to see him grow up into an equally awesome young man.  2.24.10, 12:50am
Lindsay "Wonder Woman" Zasada - These photos capture Logan so intimately, which is exactly how you get to know him the first time you meet. He pulls you into his little world and makes you his sidekick to fight the bad guys. You captured his wild spirit perfectly!  2.24.10, 12:45am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Aunt Colleen!! :) We wish you did, too!!  2.23.10, 9:00pm
"Aunt" Colleen - I LOVE these! So amazing, they are a cute a family, and you both are amazing photographers! I'm so jealous, I wish I had a cute kid for you to photograph!  2.23.10, 8:31pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Gretchen! Really, our photos can't even do his eyes justice. He has these piercing blue eyes - he has as long as we've known him, and really it's all you can look at when you meet him. They're the color eyes I always wished I had!  2.23.10, 7:47pm
Gretchen - Adorable family! He really does have gorgeous eyes!! Awesome shots guys!  2.23.10, 7:45pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you guys so much. Logan really is one cool kid, and we were thrilled to hang out with him (and you guys too!). You guys are awesome!!  2.23.10, 7:03pm
Coni, Scott and Logan - I am so in love with these pictures that I cannot even put it into words. We had so much fun and it was so casual that it didn't even feel like we were having pictures done. You have really captured Logan. It means so much to me! XO  2.23.10, 7:02pm