Rebecca - Ha ha ha! Yeah, the yarmulke buffalo rocks it... but also take a close look at that shot... he still has the price tag on his shoe! Priceless!!!  8.27.10, 9:40am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Fer! It's always amazing to have you stop by!  3.8.10, 9:17am
fer Juaristi - love the emotions captured, great wedding!  3.3.10, 12:25pm
rich + alyssa - Phil - yup! Their DJ's played a newlywed game during the reception - three of the closest couples to them had to buzz in and answer questions about T + D. It was the first time we'd seen it and definitely a fun add to the reception!  3.2.10, 11:45pm
phil miller - are those game show podiums in the background there? did they have a "game show" during the reception? That's great. You guys do awesome work!  3.2.10, 11:44pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Caren! It was a beautiful, beautiful day!  3.2.10, 9:59am
Caren - These pictures are amazing! Can't wait to see the've done an incredible job of capturing the special moments of the day. Yay!!  3.2.10, 9:58am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Rachel!! We're looking forward to seeing your photos, too! :D  3.2.10, 9:42am
Rachel - Your website is so much fun - the photos, the repartie - I can't wait to see OUR photos some day!!!  3.2.10, 9:41am
rich + alyssa - Gretchen - us too :) Since days often run behind and everything else has a set time so pictures are what get cut short, so we love, love, love they built in the extra time for their photos!!  3.1.10, 6:25pm
Gretchen - I liked how you guys had all the couple shots! They are awesome!!! That's good stuff!!!  3.1.10, 6:24pm
rich + alyssa - Simone - thank you. Terri was a gorgeous, stunning bride - it made our job super easy!  3.1.10, 2:35pm
Simone - love them all, you two are super special photographers and Terri looks amazing in these photos!  3.1.10, 2:34pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Caitlin :) I still like it when people have it being "it's complicated" as their status!  3.1.10, 10:24am
Caitlin - Beautiful pictures as always, guys! The wedding looks like it was a great party. And Rich, I love the Facebook iPhone shot! Because it's true - NOTHING is official until it's on Facebook. I'm pretty sure it's going to replace marriage licenses someday :-)  3.1.10, 10:23am
rich + alyssa - BOBBI, YOU = AWESOME!!! Don't you ever shush, we love you :)  3.1.10, 12:53am
bobbi - These are the kinds of weddings that we photographers love to shoot... amazing couple who loves photography, willing to brave the weather, emotional ceremony and an AMAZING reception full of fun and hilarious moments. PERRRRFECTION! :) You guys captured it perfectly. That tilt shift shot with the trees on both sides... awesome. The light in your reception shots... awesome. That yarmulke... AWESOME! Okay, this is officially the longest comment I've ever left on a blog... so, I'm shushing.... :)  3.1.10, 12:31am