rich + alyssa - lol - we could def feel it too :)!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, M!!!  5.3.10, 8:27am
Marissa Rodriguez - Ahhhhh! I can FEEl the love and fun from these shots! Gorgeous!  5.1.10, 10:37pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Gretchen - WE MISSED YOU ON THE BLOG!!! :)  4.30.10, 9:00pm
Gretchen - Beautiful wedding beautiful day beautiful everything!!!!  4.30.10, 8:47pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Julie!!!!  4.30.10, 12:00pm
julie - the shot of the flower girl with the ring is TOO CUTE. ;)  4.30.10, 11:11am
rich + alyssa - Why, thank you!  4.30.10, 10:30am
Rick C - What a wedding day story told through photographs. Congratulations!  4.29.10, 6:29pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, aunt Janice! :) It was really awesome to meet your whole family!  4.29.10, 4:01pm
auntie janice - I was there...and it was great! Your photos capture all the fun...wonderful!  4.28.10, 10:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Caitlin - that's the most awesomely appropriate and concise blog comment we've ever gotten about what we try to do!! You rock :)  4.28.10, 10:00am
caitlin - Love the shot of the bride with her brothers before the big walk. I think the moments before the walk down the aisle are consistently my favorites from you guys. You're great at capturing everything that's in that all-important moment, which is one that's over in the blink of an eye and can get lost in the blur of emotion and anticipation of what's about to happen (I *imagine* that's what it's like, for now!). You guys eternalize it, and that totally rocks :-)  4.28.10, 9:31am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Mike! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with this year!!  4.28.10, 8:01am
Mike - You guys nailed it again...I can't wait to get back to shooting next month! I miss those receptions!!!  4.28.10, 12:07am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Jeff :) We knew we had to use that program after they didn't make it to the ceremony. And when you have a group as happy as those families, the reception photos can't be bad. And yeah, the flower girl was so cute - I can't even begin to tell you!!  4.27.10, 9:58pm
Jeff - As always, you guys get those moments that most miss. Love the ring shot, wow. The reception photos never disappoint. Thriller always brings the crowd right? Finally, how cute was that little girl? I think she is prepping for her Nickel City Wedding experience. You think? All the best you two. Later!  4.27.10, 9:38pm
rich + alyssa - Hey guys! We're so glad you like them. We really had so much fun with you guys and can't stop talking about what a great couple you are. Thank you guys for having us with you - it was amazing to get to be there with you guys and to get to meet your amazing families!  4.27.10, 9:17pm
Christine & Erik - I've been obsessively checking the blog to see our photos and you guys sure didn't disappoint! We are sooo happy with them! The day seemed to fly by and it's awesome getting to relive it through your photos. We can't thank you guys enough! You rock!!  4.27.10, 9:16pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Yuliya! They really did have a blast - it was one of the most dancey-fun crowds we've seen! We had a blast shooting them.  4.27.10, 8:50pm
Yuka photo art - Your photographs are amazing! This couple had so much fun during reception :-) Dancing people on the pictures made me smile :-)  4.27.10, 8:49pm