rich + alyssa - Thanks, Ashlee!! :)  5.6.10, 7:55am
Ashlee - The colors totally made the shoot Lara's jacket is awesome!! Great job as always!!! :)  5.5.10, 8:12pm
rich + alyssa - Crap - she showed up and we were like, "yeah, okay - this might do" :) I love that last one - can you see how one of the chair legs is totally broken off? That's why we put Bucky there - to keep the chair from falling over :P  5.4.10, 9:15am
Tricia Marcolini - The colors of her outfit are AMAZING!!!! Teal, pink, purple!!! And I love her hair...oh yeah, the photos are great too...haha. The last one should be their Christmas card. Srsly awesomeeeeee!!!!! -Tricia  5.3.10, 7:46pm
rich + alyssa - Hey Jeff! It's funny you mention that - I think our big "thing" is to back the hell off and try to just let clients be themselves. Sure, we do lots of set-ups and decent amount of giving directions (as far as - hey, stand over here! kind of stuff, anyway) but the goal is to end up hitting a point sometime during the shoot where we don't have to anymore and we can just let them be...and then take photos of that :)  5.3.10, 3:00pm
Jeff - 1 week in the season and I get pneumonia, but I have to comment here. I want to know when L&B's Cirque Du Solei tryout takes place. What mad air. I think the chemistry between really shines in this set. I love the random laughs and fantastic texture and light around them. If this is a warm up, I can't wait to see the wedding. Mad props for keeping this lively. Of course you had the perfect clients for it. Who was really running the session I wonder?  5.3.10, 2:04pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you!! They make us really super happy, too - it was a really, really good shoot :)  5.3.10, 1:56pm
AlysonO - These really are amazing, as usual... There is so much color and movement, they just make me happy!  5.3.10, 1:36pm
rich + alyssa - thank you so much, Rachel :) We heart your comments!  5.3.10, 1:30pm
rachel - this stuff is just magical - i heart your blog ;-)  5.3.10, 1:15pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Nancy!!!!  5.3.10, 8:52am
Nancy Petrizzo - Amazing captures! Love them!! I never can pick a favorite!  5.2.10, 9:21pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Caitlin!! It was a fun one, for sure - kindof like shooting you guys, actually! I was more like hanging out then shooting - life is good like that sometimes :)  5.2.10, 9:15pm
Caitlin - You guys are completely right - this couple's happiness is infectious! This may be one of my favorite e-sets, because they make every photo look like it was a blast to take. LOVE the rock em sock em robots set up. And LOVE the shot in front of that blue door that matches Lara perfectly. Love love love all around!  5.2.10, 9:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you - yeah, real rough life we have shooting girls like Lara :P :)  5.1.10, 11:40pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Aaaaaaaaaaaand once again, I LOVE every shot! Especially the first one! Such a great couple!  5.1.10, 10:39pm
rich + alyssa - lol - that totally is something we would write - our grammar is shoddy as all hell :) Thank you!!!  4.30.10, 9:00pm
Gretchen - Yes that comment says "all the whole shoot"!!!! Damn itouch making me mess up. Either way I do love all the whole shoot!!! Haha  4.30.10, 8:44pm
Gretchen - LOVE all the whole shoot!!!! Looks like it was tons of fun!!!! Well done!!!  4.30.10, 8:40pm