Selena Tufnell - That is interesting content .. I added your web-site into my favourites! :-) Excited for future updates! Cheers! Charles  6.23.18, 10:36am
Megan - This is a really good shoot, some great pictures. I really like the half face one. That poor girl had to be freezing...her pants are all wet!! I bet you guys made them lay in the snow... you big bullys!  3.16.09, 9:15am
alyssa - Thank you' Kelly! They were fantastic to work with and made everything so easy!!  2.26.09, 3:06pm
Kelly - The shot of half their face is amazing! Some ridiculously awesome pictures!!!  2.26.09, 2:40pm
Alyssa and Rich - Thank you Betsy! Coming from you, that's an awesome compliment - we love your work!  2.26.09, 12:30pm
Betsy King - Beautiful shoot!!  2.25.09, 12:03pm
Rich - Thanks Kyle and Kim :) We love what we do, seriously. And we're kindof dorks, so the website format is definitely appropriate.  2.24.09, 10:35am
Kim - the photos look amazing and the new format for the website really lets you guys come through, awesome, keep it up!  2.24.09, 9:12am
kyle - We've been married 10 years and don't have a single shot as amazing as these. Rich the puddle shot has to be one of the coolest pictures I've seen. Awesome.  2.23.09, 5:27pm
Rich - We'll be celebrating our fifth-annual one year anniversary this fall :)  2.23.09, 4:54pm
Alyssa - Thanks, Coni! Isn't it crazy how fast it goes by? I feel like Rich and I have been married maybe two years. Heh!  2.23.09, 12:13pm
Coni - Wow those are some great shots! Seriously, I want to get engaged so I can have pics like those. (If I only I wasn't about to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary!)  2.23.09, 11:48am
Rich - Thanks, Lindsay :) We had an AWESOME time hanging out with you guys and shooting. You guys are going to be so much fun to work with on your wedding day! I'm okay, it was only my pride that got broken.  2.23.09, 7:33am
Lindsay - Oh my gosh you guys, the pictures turned out amazing! We had sooo much fun and we can't wait until July to work with you again. We hope that Rich isn't hurting too bad from his fall! Thank you both for an awesome photoshoot!! You guys are a blast.  2.22.09, 9:54pm