Megan - The glasses picture is AWESOME! Love it!! How did you guys get so close to that deer? Nutty!  3.16.09, 9:12am
Alyssa - Alyson, thank you! They were fantastic.  3.9.09, 8:22am
AlysonM - Ooooooooh Bill and Jill!!! YOU GUYS LOOK GREAT!!! I can't believe May is almost here, and Rich and Alyssa, kudos, as always, LOVE your pictures!! SO BRAVE in winter!! HAHA!!  3.3.09, 10:50am
Alyssa and Rich - Thanks, Erika and Yuliya! The snow is a lot of fun to work with (and against), but how ready are you for it be gone for the year?!?  3.2.09, 9:05am
Yuka photo art - These e-session is amazing! I love your idea-to shoot in the park!  3.1.09, 10:44pm
Ericka K. - You guys are so fabulous! Alyssa, I cannot wait to work with you for our "private" shoot next month!! Take care! - E K  2.26.09, 3:20pm
Rich - Thanks, Mike! You can't plan snow, but you can work with it :)  2.25.09, 7:44pm
Mike - LOVE the 8th one down...but all of them are great!  2.25.09, 5:15pm