rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Caryn!!  8.7.10, 9:00am
Caryn - Love Love Love! Awesome job guys!  8.7.10, 8:37am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Farani! You know, I totally have to go look that up. It's a royalty free one we purchased to use. Email me and I'll let you know!  7.9.10, 10:30pm
Farani - Wonderful..Amazing work.. This makes me smile & teary at the same time because it's so beautiful! :) Love the song too, who sings it?  7.9.10, 10:09pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Alix!! :)  7.2.10, 4:50pm
Alix from Modern Kiddo - Aw, this was amazing. You two are crazy talented but what an adorable family too! xox  7.2.10, 4:44pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks so much, Emily!  6.29.10, 9:55pm
Emily - WOW - LOVE this!!!! That video is amazing, seriously. Love the images, too. Great work!  6.28.10, 4:01pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Josh. :) They were pretty rad :)  6.28.10, 2:55pm
josh solar - What a flippin' rad family...and super flippin' rad images of said family.  6.28.10, 2:33pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Yuliya! They are an amazing family! I hope Victor is letting you guys get some sleep - the pictures you're posting are amazing!  6.27.10, 10:25pm
Yuka photo art - Guys.....just breathtaking. This family is soo beautiful and they are lucky to have such an amazing memory ...You documented the best moments from that day....  6.27.10, 10:24pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Adam! I can't wait for the wedding day! It's going to be epic!  6.27.10, 1:40am
Adam - This truly makes me want to have kids stat! And especially hope you guys are still as genius then as you are now. love the shoot and cannot wait for the wedding day its gonna be a blast having you guys there and seeing what kind of crazy things you come up with! keep up the amazing work  6.27.10, 1:39am
rich + alyssa - You're right about that - it is only the beginning :) We've got tons of ideas for this :)  6.27.10, 12:32am
Jeff - The go session is only the beginning of your lifestyle work here kids. Utterly mind blowing! Families never look cooler and more intimate. WOW!  6.27.10, 12:31am
rich + alyssa - Ha! Thanks, Matthew!  6.25.10, 2:21pm
Matthew Snelson - I want another baby ;)  6.25.10, 2:20pm
rich + alyssa - You're welcome, Josh. We were so stoked to get to shoot you guys again. You guys rock.  6.24.10, 9:23pm
josh - we couldnt be happier with the way these came out. thanks again. lets hang soon  6.24.10, 9:22pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks! We love it too :)  6.24.10, 7:28pm
Gretchen - I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GO!!!!!! This is soooo adorable!!!!! Amazing job!!!!!!  6.24.10, 7:27pm
rich + alyssa - Ha! You guys are going to make the coolest babies of all time - *I* can't wait for you to have babies!  6.24.10, 6:44pm
Abbey Brown - I KNOW I'm not the only one who wants to have babies after watching this! Oh, and guys? Thanks for bringing out the cool stuff (well, cooler stuff) AFTER our wedding. Can we do a re-do? You guys are awesome!  6.24.10, 6:43pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Natascha!  6.24.10, 5:27pm
Natascha - Love the pics- simply beautiful.  6.24.10, 5:26pm
rich + alyssa - Ha!  6.24.10, 3:57pm
Clark Dever - :Blows Vuvuzela:  6.24.10, 3:56pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks :)  6.24.10, 2:53pm
lucia - get out!!! how in the hell are you guys going to top this??  6.24.10, 2:52pm
rich + alyssa - I know, right? I totally said the same thing to Rich!!  6.24.10, 2:40pm
Erin - SO SO COOL!! what a beautiful little family, this made me want to be IN their family! i'm already looking forward to doing this session with the children that we don't have yet :)  6.24.10, 2:39pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks! :)  6.24.10, 2:25pm
Jennifer - LOVE IT!!! beautiful work you guys...just beautiful!  6.24.10, 2:24pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Eric. We were pretty excited about the shoot, too. Every now and then, everything lines up perfectly for us, and this was one of those days - the light was beautiful, the kids were PERFECT and the family just was so loving! It was a blast too shoot.  6.24.10, 2:01pm
Eric - You guys know i'm, never speechless... all I can say is I want one of these sessions, you guys know we'll be booking for one some day. As far as the shoot, I'm speechless, it was THAT good!  6.24.10, 2:00pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Derek! We're pleased :)  6.24.10, 1:16pm
Derek J. Punaro - Pretty cool, guys!  6.24.10, 1:15pm
rich + alyssa - Hi, Liz! Welcome! And thanks, I can't wait to play with the go some more, and we'll look forward to meeting you!  6.24.10, 11:54am
Liz - I visit your blog often, and I have to say, your new Go concept is awesome. I'm a huge fan. I'm looking for an occasion just so I can work with you two. Kudos.  6.24.10, 11:53am
rich + alyssa - Thanks :)  6.24.10, 11:27am
susan - WOW,  6.24.10, 11:26am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Mike!  6.24.10, 11:12am
michael cardus - The video is great! wonderful addition + plus add another level of offerings.  6.24.10, 11:11am
rich + alyssa - Thanks - we're pretty stoked with it. We have some pretty cool ideas for where we can take it - I can't wait to get to do our next one!  6.24.10, 9:25am
Amanda-Rose - Holy Crap...this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen you guys do. Absolutely breathtaking. Speechless! What a beautiful family and an unbelievable idea. I'm in love!!! :)  6.24.10, 9:24am
Lori - O.M.G. Their cuteness is magnified with every passing year!  6.24.10, 9:06am
rich + alyssa - Ha - I know, right? She's so cute, and this age is just amazing to photograph. They have SO much personality at 3! And thanks :)  6.24.10, 9:05am
AlysonO - omg... I'm in love with this family! it's amazing how you guys continue to evolve and exceed the already amazing expectations people have for you both... I want to frame that shot of Leni in the pink dress, on the blue and white blanket, and she aint even mine!! it's just so pretty :) lol - can't think of a better start to the work day - thank you, well done!  6.24.10, 9:04am
rich + alyssa - Thanks :) She really is gorgeous and made herself some gorgeous babies. Makes our job super easy!  6.24.10, 8:30am
teresa - this shoot is awesome! i went to high school with keri...she was beautiful then and she's beautiful now, as well as her family. keri...your children are adorable. it's amazing how you capture life happening.  6.24.10, 8:29am
rich + alyssa - Thanks :)  6.24.10, 8:05am
Coni - I love it. I'm so jealous!  6.24.10, 8:04am
rich + alyssa - Thanks! We're pretty stoked with how the video came out :)  6.24.10, 7:50am
Christine - AMAZING! I love the video so much - you both are incredible - and so is this family!  6.24.10, 7:49am
rich + alyssa - I know, I've NEVER heard a kid's laugh that didn't make me smile. We were in the airport yesterday morning, at an outrageously early hour, and there was no coffee stand in our terminal, and this little kid laughing totally cheered me up from an otherwise uncheery-uppy mood :)  6.24.10, 7:38am
Kyle - I am in awe. I love the fusion work. There is nothing that brings a smile to my face faster than childrens laughter. To incorporate that into your stunning photos makes a priceless memory. the go = best work ever.  6.24.10, 7:36am
rich + alyssa - I think it might be my favorite, too. Rich and I always talk about how much we love shooting families, but our schedule often gets full before we ever have a chance to book them (with our weddings booking so far out). Every time we do one, we come home with the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces. Family is just that rad.  6.24.10, 6:54am
jules - WOW!!!!! All-time favorite shoot fer sure. And the fact that you completed this shoot in the midst of your crazy season has me sitting here in awe. I love you guys!  6.24.10, 6:53am
rich + alyssa - I know, we were shooting this, and I just looked at Rich and was like, dude, we need more kids!! :)  6.24.10, 6:38am
Caitlin - Shoots like these put the biological clock into fast forward. LOVE the shot of Leo's HUGE grin, and the shot immediately after of Leni laying with her arms around Keri's hand. Two thumbs way up for the Go session!  6.24.10, 6:37am
rich + alyssa - I know, they really are just adorable kids, and also unbelievably sweet. I think (I hope!) that comes across too, how genuine they are.  6.24.10, 12:36am
Amberle - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! Keri and Josh, your kids are too cute for words!! Rich and Alyssa, great job again!! (As always!)  6.24.10, 12:35am
Ashlee - Absolutly AWESOME!!! I love every picture those children are adorable!! The whole family is full of smiles what could be better?! Love the video it was really awesome! :)  6.24.10, 12:35am
rich + alyssa - Ha! You know it - we've been dying to get back up there ever since you guys took us! Seriously, I didn't remember the park side of it from my youth at all, but it is one stunning spot! And we can't wait to do it more :)  6.24.10, 12:32am
Tricia Marcolini - Holy crap, stunning and brilliant. Wow. Pure gold on this one. Incredible captures, the video + music + photos were like watching a commercial for the most perfect family ever. The happiness is tangible...I am blown away. fusion = success, can't wait to see more !! ps. are you at Fort Niagara?!  6.24.10, 12:30am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Lisa! We were shooting them, and I'm pretty sure I audibly cooed a few times. Aren't they the cutest?!  6.24.10, 12:01am
Lisa - I don't even know what to say! I LOOOVE it. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. just awesome.  6.24.10, 12:00am
rich + alyssa - Thank you :) We'd love to see you guys again! Fall sounds perfect :) I cannot believe how big Lily is now! Man, does time fly!  6.23.10, 11:57pm
Jennifer Spencer - WOW!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously you guys are freaking amazing!!! I want to book something in the fall!!! Seriously kids jumping in leaves and all those autumn colors :) Great job! These pics like all of your pics are incredible!  6.23.10, 11:56pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks :)  6.23.10, 11:42pm
jonathan cooper - FIRST! i'm a nerd. you take great pictures. the end  6.23.10, 11:41pm