rich + alyssa - Thank you, Jules :)  7.14.10, 9:18pm
jules - The thought of you guys traveling to NOLA for a shoot (or two) makes me smile. The fact that you can pull off such AMAZING photos in completely unfamiliar territory is a real testiment to your talent. Rich's B&W reflection shot is killer and the scene in the middle of the street made me say "ahhhh, wow" all at the same time.  7.3.10, 6:23pm
rich + alyssa - Lol, good thing, too :)  7.1.10, 9:30pm
Jill - Ahhhhh!!!! Your right! You guys would definitely have to be guests at our wedding. The divorce is off.  7.1.10, 9:22pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Jill :) Hey - we want to be GUESTS at your wedding, lol!!! Imagine how much fun we'd all have???  7.1.10, 11:57am
Jill - Absolutely AMAZING work guys! I think Mike and I are going to get divorced. And then remarried so that we can have you guys shoot it.  6.30.10, 9:30pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Fer!! Yo, we have nothing on you, man :) Priya and Fraser were just one of "those" couples, you know? They knew what they wanted, worked with the camera exceptionally well and just were relaxed about the whole thing - brilliant to work with, for sure!  6.30.10, 3:44pm
fer juaristi - amazing set guys, love how you connect with couples  6.30.10, 2:37pm
rich + alyssa - GET OUT!! Congratulations!!!!! I love the name :) No wonder you couldn't make it - traveling with little guys is tough and it was HOOOOT in NO. Awwww, I love thinking bout you guys as parents - that's super rad :)  6.30.10, 2:30pm
Jennifer Smith-Garvin - we are awesome, we have a 9 month old son named Oskar. so we'll need some family photos soon!  6.30.10, 2:28pm
rich + alyssa - HI!!!!! How have you guys been?? You guys are up there quite a bit (in the header) actually, lol - and in our studio on the wall, etc, etc :) Thank you so much for recommending us to P + F - we were bummed not to see you guys, too - it was an amazing time. We're working on the reception right now - hopefully we'll have it up this evening!!  6.30.10, 1:47pm
Jennifer Smith-Garvin - these are so great, can't wait to see the reception photos. We are so glad Priya and Fraser were able to get you down to New Orleans, just sad we couldn't get down there. Also fun to see one of my wedding photos at the top of the page!!! yay!  6.30.10, 1:35pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Amanda :-) This may well have been our last destination wedding - honestly, it's tougher and tougher to leave Murphy when we go off someplace to shoot and we like it here a lot and love the people we get to work with and know, love, etc. That said - we had an epic time, and I sure wish we could do the whole weekend again 100 times :)  6.30.10, 1:18pm
Amanda-Rose - I can not verbalize my jealousy at this moment in time. This is definitely pretty rad. I love every single one of these photos. Makes me sad that you guys don't get a chance to go photo other locations often because it's unbelievable...but Buffalo would be a very sad place without you guys here to remind us all of the beauty in it. Awesome job guys and jealous!  6.30.10, 11:50am
rich - I thought the same thing, dude! That one is, by far, my favorite of Alyssa's I've seen. :) We do love Buffalo - today, for instance, it's 54 here and sunny. That's like, the perfect weather for us :P  6.30.10, 11:38am
Caitlin - The second last shot of priya and fraser standing in the middle of the street literally made me go "ahh!" (in a good way) out loud, to myself, in my empty apartment. I love the "time standing still in the middle of traffic" feel it has to it. Very cool to get to see you guys work in a whole new location - and a nice reminder that those of us up here are soooo lucky that you guys call Buffalo home! :-) Can't wait to see the reception shots!  6.30.10, 7:09am
rich + alyssa - Dude, it's not what we have in store, it's what Priya + Fraser have in store. :) It was one heck of a day! We can't wait to get into those images today :)  6.30.10, 6:07am
Jeff - Well guys this set this awesome. You are getting a little more daring here. Most of your sessions tend to be very private, but here we are getting this couple out in the public eye. The kiss in the street, wow! Your blending of scale and color is the some of the best of seen from you. I am scared, literally scared of excitement for what you got in store next for the weekend. You know. . .Philly is a fun city too. You gotta visit.  6.29.10, 10:55pm
rich + alyssa - Ha! I had a friend who used to do that - he'd run the air, at least, though! I get it, winter is awesome - it's the under 20 degree days that make me start checking the realty prices elsewhere :)  6.29.10, 10:30pm
Gretchen - Amazing!!! I love the architecture shots!!! Awesome job in a different location!!! Rich, I am glad you won't bitch about shooting in freezing cold Buffalo winter... be prepared... you have no idea how much Mark loves the cold!!! He will want every shot taken outside! He will be driving in the middle of winter with the window down, needless to say I keep a couple blankets in the car!!  6.29.10, 10:29pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Josh - they really are rad, you have no idea - wait till you see their reception! I'd never been before, but I totally see how people completely fall in love with the place! It's really a cool (though not even remotely literally) city!  6.29.10, 10:00pm
josh solar - I LOVE New Orleans, and am so jealous you all got to shoot such a kick ass couple there. Awesome job, you two!  6.29.10, 9:55pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Yuliya! It was really awesome to get to shoot somewhere where everything was fresh to us! Seriously, I don't ever want to go anywhere for work again (Murph is at the age where he understands we're leaving, and it just breaks your heart), but it was really fun to shoot a totally new city. And the sharpness was just the 85 hitting it :)  6.29.10, 9:32pm
Yuka photo art - I LOVE these photographs!!!!!!! I can feel and see something fresh in every image...Ah...this couple and location.....I just really enjoying to go through every detail! About shot with horse-head you get this sharp?! Just amazing!  6.29.10, 9:31pm