Jeff - School never looked so good you guys. I think this may be the first educational backdrop I have seen from you. No need for cheerleaders here. The first shot in the post is pure bananas. Just pure "hell yeah" D&A. Congrats, keep an eye out for rulers.  8.13.10, 2:17am
rich + alyssa - Yeah - the school working so well was a nice surprise. We were just looking for light and the brick and uniformity of the windows just looked so right.  8.9.10, 8:11pm
Gretchen - These are adorable!! Nice work with the lighting!!!! lol That dog is so cute!! That school make an awesome background!! Great job!!!  7.30.10, 7:47pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Lucia - we love that one, too!!  7.30.10, 3:50pm
lucia - First photo = LOVE!  7.30.10, 3:47pm
rich + alyssa - No kiddin :) We LOVED it!!  7.30.10, 11:50am
AlysonO - Um, another gorgeous couple.... that light? FTW!!!!  7.30.10, 11:46am
rich + alyssa - Yay :) Thanks, hon :) Dogs yawns are always amazing.  7.30.10, 8:50am
Kyle - I loved the silhouette shot. Always a pretty shot. Of course, there is nothing like catching a dogs yawn on camera. Love the set and loved seeing them all at once. What an awesome Friday morning surprise.  7.30.10, 8:42am
rich + alyssa - We try! Yeah - I DO love the morning light a whole hell of a lot, and I like the energy of the morning - but evening light in summer is pretty freaking amazing.  7.30.10, 6:30am
Caitlin - The lighting throughout this set is gorgeous; it seems like it is always one of the most flattering times of day to shoot. I think my favorite is the same as Rich's, although I do also love the shot of them under the tree - very J. Crew. Great work you triple-bloggin' maniacs.  7.30.10, 6:29am