Jeff - Here is a mixture of just all the elements working their perfect photo karma. You have a beautiful couple. check. You have light that is cocoa puffs milk delicious. check. You have eyes that say, " Hey make more room in your wallet!!" . check. When you have this, what else is there. seriously. . .whats else is there?. check please.  8.13.10, 2:23am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Mary!! We had a blast this weekend - thank you for being the best coordinator EVER. EV. ER.  8.9.10, 8:31pm
Mary from The Botan - These photos are amazing. I especially love the black and whites. She is gorgeous. Can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!  8.5.10, 10:48am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Meagan!  8.2.10, 8:50am
Meagan - Awesome pictures! I will miss you both:)  8.2.10, 8:41am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Crissy!! It was so nice to meet you!!  7.31.10, 1:40pm
Crissy - Andy and Amberle these are BEAUTIFUL photos. Can not wait for the wedding next weekend! Gaining another sister : )  7.31.10, 1:39pm
Suzanne Benjamin - A match made in heaven you two just fit together. Wishing you every happiness. Love to you both.  7.30.10, 9:11pm
rich + alyssa - Kindof a completely awesome shoot, right?? Thank you so much, G - we love you :)  7.30.10, 8:00pm
Gretchen - These are gorgeous!! Amberle's eyes are amazing!! I love the 2nd to last shot and the shot in front of the bridge!! Beautiful job guys!!  7.30.10, 7:43pm
rich + alyssa - It was great!!  7.30.10, 7:15pm
chiara - gorgeous photos of my gorgeous brother and his gorgeous bride to be. cant wait for the wedding!  7.30.10, 7:02pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, you two :) Yeah - I'm digging our new, wider prime for sure :)  7.30.10, 3:30pm
Mike - These are straight up sick, kids.  7.30.10, 3:13pm
Jill - My definite fav  7.30.10, 3:02pm
rich + alyssa - Yay! We had a BLAST at your wedding!!! Going back to these to respond to bloggity blog comments is so much fun - this WAS a really great shoot and we're really happy we got to work with you two.  7.30.10, 12:15pm
Amberle and Andy - We couldn't be happier!! A&R, you guys are totally amazing, and i just want to frame them all right now!! Thanks so much for everything!! Can't wait to see you in 8 days (err... I mean 3  7.30.10, 12:13pm
rich + alyssa - It was so nice to meet you, too!! The wedding was so amazing (sorry we're just getting back to blog comments now - our weeks have been "like that" lately.)!!  7.30.10, 12:00pm
ann (amberle's mom) - fabulous!!!! i am so happy you guys are shooting the wedding next weekend :-) really looking forward to meeting you!!!  7.30.10, 11:54am
rich + alyssa - So true - wait till you see their wedding blog post in a couple of days - just adorable and definitely in a "teddy bear" sort of way - like, they could be out of the 50s or something - that cute.  7.30.10, 11:50am
AlysonO - Um, these two are so adorable I want to bottle the adorableness and sell it and become a millionaire. AWESOME job you guys, you can really tell how in love these two are in these photos. :)  7.30.10, 11:43am
rich + alyssa - Awww, thank you so much, kyle :)  7.30.10, 11:30am
Kyle - There is something about the first shot that took my breath away. Amazing job as always.  7.30.10, 11:17am
rich + alyssa - Yeah - that one blew us away! Amberlee is just stunning :)  7.30.10, 11:15am
Kathleen Bixby - You guys continue to amaze us all!!! That black and white one, wow to Amberlee's eyes - <- JEALOUS.  7.30.10, 11:13am
rich + alyssa - That's funny - Alyssa loves the first one, but I love the second one even more - I think it's how they look (their expressions I mean) and the composition is pretty simple and I like simple - it works :)  7.30.10, 11:00am
Caitlin - I am very happy and not at all burnt out by your crazy blogging marathon, but I am running out of creative ways to say "you're awesome" :) I love the whole set and Amberle is beautiful. For some reason the 2nd shot in jumps out as my favorite; I think it's the bright colors in her dress contrasting against the muted colors in the background. Beautiful stuff!  7.30.10, 10:52am