rich + alyssa - Thank you, Emily! We try :) We had a completely rad couple, too :)  8.24.10, 12:20pm
Emily - Love the bridge and the boat and the rest. :) You two are so cool & have such an artistic viewpoint.  8.24.10, 10:46am
rich + alyssa - Awww - you guys are too sweet :) Thank you so much! In truth, at any given point, we'd make fun of each other, mix in some self-deprecation and then shoot wide open like crazy. We're not tough to figure out :)  8.24.10, 9:29am
H&K - Sometimes when Kev & I are shooting, I ask myself... "What would Rich & Alyssa do?" or, WWRAD? ... LOVED the 3rd & 4th shot.. :)  8.23.10, 9:20pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Yuliya! Yeah, we're pretty stoked with that one, for sure :)  8.23.10, 12:59pm
Yuka photo art - That one for studio print......LOVE it!  8.22.10, 1:22pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Bridgett :)  8.21.10, 11:37pm
Bridgett P - Super cute couple!!  8.21.10, 11:35pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Lucia! We think so, too :) SHhhh, though - we hate playing favorites :)  8.21.10, 5:37pm
lucia - OMg - definitely one of my favorite couples session you guys have done!  8.21.10, 4:56pm
rich + alyssa - Us either, Adriane - this kindof stuff makes us pretty excited. Engagement photos or couples sessions or whatever you want to call them are really great for everybody. We get to know the couple, they get to know us and we all get to trust each other a ton before we shoot the wedding day. Just so much winning goin on :)  8.21.10, 10:37am
Adriane - I love them! Absoutely beautiful. Can't wait for the wedding :-)  8.21.10, 10:20am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, three times, Rhonda!!  8.21.10, 8:37am
Rhonda - Great Shots!! Loved the one on the Bridge.  8.21.10, 8:24am
Rhonda - Great Shots!! Loved the one on the Bridge.  8.21.10, 8:24am
Rhonda - Great Shots!! Loved the one on the Bridge.  8.21.10, 8:24am
rich + alyssa - Thank YOU so much - the shoot was great BECAUSE you guys are a great couple and just generally awesome to shoot and be around. We can't wait, either - next year is going to be completely amazing for us :)  8.21.10, 12:40am
Kristen - Guys, thank you so, so, so much for getting them posted tonight! They are so amazing. Brandon and I couldn't be happier! We can't wait for the wedding!!  8.21.10, 12:36am
rich + alyssa - LOL - we love you so much, Gretchen. You and Caitlin and few others like pretty much own our blog now. We're going to have to start paying you guys revenue or something :P  8.21.10, 12:00am
Gretchen - OMG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! Kristen, awesome job with the boat!!! Yay!!! These are all amazingly perfect!!!!!  8.20.10, 11:59pm