rich + alyssa - Wow - thank you, Miah :) Coming from you that's super high praise!  9.3.10, 9:52am
Miah Klein - Wowwy zowwy! Emotion, love, tones, composition, story telling...your skills are inspiring.  9.2.10, 4:17pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Marty! Good to hear from ya :)  9.1.10, 9:00pm
marty batarla - You two are a greater some of talent, I must say!!!  9.1.10, 8:51pm
rich + alyssa - Oh, most definitely :) We can not WAIT till November, then and December are going to be re-fucking-laxing time for us. It's been a great season, but our asses are going to be good and kicked by the end of it :)  9.1.10, 3:03pm
Amanda-Rose - Overtime at work, it was lovely to go home and finally get on here and see what you guys have guys are KILLING it. We miss you guys so much. Let us know as soon as you guys calm down so we can get together. :) Again...AWESOME!!!  9.1.10, 10:36am
rich + alyssa - Thank you SO much, Susan :) We definitely love what we do and it is amazingly rewarding when you get the wedding days that we get. We are so incredible happy to have gotten to work with A + A :) Hopefully we can shoot with them again soon!!  8.31.10, 4:59pm
Susan Kedzierski - You have managed to capture the "magic" of the day. I can hear the laughter, the music and I can feel the love as I look at the pictures. The talent both of you possess is incredible.  8.29.10, 8:52am
rich + alyssa - Right on, Wayne! That's most definitely what we aim for :).  8.27.10, 6:50pm
Wayne Hahn - All I can say is WOW!!! You capture every moment. You two are the best I have ever seen These photos are just amazing and can not wait to see the rest. These pictures captured so much of their day and makes it so easy to relive it.  8.27.10, 6:47pm
rich + alyssa - Um, yeah - what's up with that??? We miss you guys!!  8.27.10, 5:30pm
Amanda-Rose - It's been a while since I've been on the blog but I LOVE the way it's set up now. I always wonder which ones are your I know :) The ones with the kids stole my heart, but the one under the bridge was definitely awesome! Great job & congrats to the happy couple :)  8.27.10, 5:27pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Harmony!!!  8.27.10, 12:30pm
Harmony Loves - very, very gorgeous! I love the backgrounds and of course the earring shot. fantastic! :)  8.27.10, 12:15pm
rich + alyssa - Hi Linda! Thank you :) yeah - love those shot for sure :) We were just there and we're decent at knowing when and where to push that camera button - it's really all about the couple and the family (and friends) that surround and support them. You guys are AMAZING!!  8.27.10, 8:30am
Linda Hahn - One of the Groomsmen told me there was a slide show - thank god for waterproof mascara! Well I still have my favorites - Allie hugging Laurel & Ashlee and Laurel taking her jacket off - check out the look on DInos face! This is the look of unposed and true Family Love - Ashlee & Adam can only flourish and grow in that kind of surrounding! There are no other photographers ANY Bride should even consider other than you 2!  8.27.10, 8:18am
rich + alyssa - Hi Aunt Lynn! It was so nice to meet you, too! We had just an unbelievable time all day - hell, the whole process of getting to know Adam and Ashlee was great. We knew it was going to be a special wedding when we FIRST met them. Like, I really do remember most of the things we talked about, even, at the meeting. It was great! :)  8.26.10, 9:50pm
Aunt Lynn - I burst out crying at the first picture and laughed and cried all the way through. I knew the pictures would be amazing, but never expected the flood of emotions that came out of me. Wow. The power of the picture. You guys RoCK! It was a delight to meet you and I hope to see you again :)  8.26.10, 9:40pm
rich + alyssa - Hell yeah, Gretchen :) I was pretty psyched about that arc shot - I do that a lot, put a couple under something sortof symmetrical or something that more or less frames them - definitely works when it works :)  8.26.10, 9:20pm
Gretchen - Guys..... These are BEAUTIFUL!!!! The ceremony photos in the slideshow... oh my gosh!! I definitely teared up!! So adorable!! I also love the shot under the brick archway, definitely one one my favorites!! Gorgeous, gorgeous work guys!!!  8.26.10, 9:11pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much!! You are WAY too kind :) We do love what we do and when we get that perfect storm of a really, really amazing couple and their beautiful family - well, it all just works the way it's supposed to to, the way we want it to, in photos :). We absolutely adored meeting all of you and we feel SUPER lucky to have been part of A + A's wedding day :)  8.26.10, 9:00pm
Kelly - I am unbelievably speechless! I was amazed by the engagement photos and will still look at them to this day because they are so gorgeous, but the wedding photos are out of this world, insanely incredible!!! Rich and Alyssa, you are without a doubt the most talented people I think I have ever met. Capturing so many moments like you did is beyond words, I am jealous that I did not know you 6 years ago when I married my husband. Congrats on the amazing job and thank you so much for being such terrific people!! Adam and Ashlee are truly blessed to have had you be a part of their beautiful wedding!! (now I am going to look back thru the pics and slide show and shed some more tears!)  8.26.10, 8:56pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Mary! The song is "There lies love" by Amy Pickard and the Cradlers. We purchased a license to be able to use the piece in our slideshows :)  8.26.10, 5:30pm
Mary Warren - Viewed pics last night and left you a comment.....but was totally, totally blown away by the slideshow that I just viewed. You are remarkably talented people!!!! The slideshow was even more amazing even watching it with tears rolling down my face. The song was absolutely perfect tell the name and artist......I cannot express how ultimately PERFECT your work is!!!! Words do not do justice to describe your talent...And Adam and Ashlee love just comes alive through your work even more!!! GREAT, GREAT job!!!!  8.26.10, 5:02pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Josh! That's our thing, man :) Either you're there and you get it or ya don't - so you better be there :)  8.26.10, 4:11pm
josh solar - Killer wedding, you 2. Glad to see more photographers committed to showing real moments at real weddings. Love it!  8.26.10, 2:39pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Allie. And it was so nice to finally get to meet all of you and kindof feel like part of the family for the day. :)  8.26.10, 12:30pm
Allie - Holy waterworks YET AGAIN!!! Rich and Alyssa you are so so so incredibly talented individually, yet together you guys are absofreakinlutely amazing!!!!!!!! I knew you would take unbelievable pictures but these completely surpassed my every expectation. You captured every moment perfectly, and I could not stop crying while looking through all of these! Ashlee and Adam look soo happy in every picture, and more in love than they ever have been. My favorite is the one of Mom, Dad, and Ashlee in the back of the church waiting to walk down the aisle, it is incredible! I cannot wait to see the others, you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!  8.26.10, 12:22pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much :) It was a hell of an emotional day.  8.26.10, 11:50am
dana - oops!!! i meant adam and laurel..see those gosh darn tears! Flo is sorry laurel!  8.26.10, 11:38am
dana - ok, i'm with adam and lauren...i cried yet AGAIN looking at these pictures!!! they are sooooyo amazingly rockin good. you can totally see adam and ashlee in all of the pictures. you guys take wonderful photos and these are words can really describe them!  8.26.10, 11:37am
rich + alyssa - You know, it was at Banchetti by Rizzo's and I tell you what - you really can get a GREAT look at that place. The outdoor "tent" is really a very solid structure, but it feels like a tent and the sides are open and even though it poured rain at the reception, it was actually kindof nice cause it cooled everything down...we're definitely fans of that place.  8.26.10, 11:15am
Ashley Ann - Where was the reception? It looks absolutely beautiful  8.26.10, 11:08am
rich + alyssa - Yay - glad to hear from our most regular of longtime regulars that you're digging it! You know, we also put it top shelf where MOMMA HIDES THE COOKIES!!!!!!! Ugh, I get a little sad whenever I hear the "scary good" clip. It's like the "Who else, who else, who else!!!" clip after Drury scored against Ottawa that just reminds me of how freaking amazing that first, improbable run into the playoffs was and how the cup should have been ours that year. Fucking injuries and fucking Carolina. What a crock.  8.26.10, 9:30am
Caitlin - I love this new blog format. You so often get to hear from us commenters on what OUR favorite shots are; it is awesome to see things from your perspective and see the moments that made you guys think "nailed it." It is impossible for me to pick one I love the most. In the words of the great RJ: you guys are good! Scary good!  8.26.10, 9:25am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Michele. That's exactly what we aim for - super happy to hear you like them!  8.26.10, 9:15am
Michele Nicely - Speechless...Not only does every shot capture the moment, but they capture the joy and the love and the essence of the day...They are beautiful!!  8.26.10, 9:00am
rich + alyssa - I know - we need a damned thesaurus to blog with. I sometimes think we become less intelligible by the section of the post. It probably doesn't help that we usually blog at 11 o'clock at night, but I guess if the photos are good and the couple is great, coherence is overrated :) Honestly, we were pretty nervous. Good engagement shoots and couples we REALLY love make us super nervous on the wedding day. Like, we just wanted to get this one right SOOOO badly.  8.26.10, 8:30am
linda hahn - These pics are beyond beautiful- is there another word for amazing or beautiful?! Didn't think you guys could out-do the engagement pics! The kids look SOOOO HAPPY and you'e right Ashlee's family is amazing! Can not wait to see the rest of the pictures!  8.26.10, 8:22am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Mary!! It's ALL about the couple - Ashlee and Adam are such an incredible joy to know. Some kids are going to be insanely lucky to call them their parents some day.  8.26.10, 3:36am
Mary Warren - The pictures are totally awesome!!! Nothing compares to your great work. You did a phenomenal job!!!!!! You captured the true essence of what love is all about. I cannot believe just how amazing they are. Just absolutely perfect!!!! just like the couple....  8.26.10, 3:03am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Kim! Some days we just get the time we need to make it all happen and we get a family and bridal party who "get it" and everything just clicks right into place - no pun intended :P  8.26.10, 12:40am
Kim - Holy crap. The shots look amazing. You two are incredible. I mean, yes, beautiful happy people celebrating make everything look so full of life, but these pics are unreal. Congrats on a fabulous shoot!  8.26.10, 12:34am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Laurel!! We love you guys, too :) What a hell of a wedding :)  8.26.10, 12:20am
Laurel - Well Rich and Alyssa.hope I can type thru my tears(I know your both shocked) What can I say? You of course managed to capture the day PERFECTLY! The tears,the laughs,the fun and the craziness.These pictures will forever be a true treasure to all of us.Thank you Thank you Thank you.You are true artists which shines thru your work.Can t pick a fav. but love Ash and her Nonno,Cole blowing bubbles.and the one of Ash Adam and Cole looks like a magazine picture. Love you guys!!! You can come for sauce anytime.  8.26.10, 12:16am
rich + alyssa - lol - I'm totally psyched you guys took turns commenting :) We hope you do love the photos forever - we definitely will. You guys are going up all over the studio. It's not just that we like to hang our favorite frames, but we like to hang up couples who make us smile super big throughout the day when we see them :)  8.26.10, 12:10am
Ashlee - I dont think i could ever put into words how much i truly love your work and to see our pictures on your web site makes me feel honored! I cannot believe the day has come and gone but I will forever be grateful to you both for capturing the highlights of our day!! We love you guys and have fell in love with you since our first meeting and i will always be thankful to you everytime i see one of our amazing photos!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!  8.26.10, 12:08am
rich + alyssa - We need to have a thank-fest, if we're not already having one. We couldn't do what we do without you guys, so you're just as big a part of why these photos mean something as we are, bro. So, thanks, again, for being completely awesome :).  8.26.10, 12:05am
Adam - First thing i want to say is we absolutly love you guys and could not be happier. secondly thank you so much for making me cry AGAIN!! This is absolutly amazing and way better than we could have ever expected. cannot wait to get the rest of the pics. and of course when we have our kids you guys will be our photographers if you want to do it... but there will be no making of the kids photos only post birth! haha thank you thank you thank you  8.26.10, 12:03am