Dina - I love the countdown that she has!!! So cute!!! These pictures are so fun!  12.10.10, 11:49am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, so much! That was Rich's rockstar moment seeing that mist and lighting it like that. I loved it! And thanks for the compliments on the site :)  10.4.10, 9:36am
SLR Lounge - Lighting looks fantastic in the outdoor shots. Great site layout, btw! Digging the comments between each photo.  10.3.10, 11:19pm
rich + alyssa - Mario is going to be epic! Ha. Love it!! I can't wait - it's been forever since we've seen you! I can't wait to shoot you guys!!!  10.1.10, 9:34am
Gretchen - i LOVE these!! Mindy has such a beautiful smile!! I am loving all the bright colors too!! They are gorgeous shots!!! Side note- I was just showing this to Mark and he said "I can't wait! I'm going to have my Gretchy, my Mario hat, and some snow. I'm going to jump out of a tree and you're going to laugh at me! It's going to be so much fun!" haha! He cracks me up!  9.30.10, 9:53pm
rich + alyssa - Ha! Thanks, Jules :) It was all Rich - he saw the light catching on some of the weird misty rain and lit it perfectly!  9.30.10, 8:33pm
jules - I'd comment, but I'm still trying to catch my breath after that first shot took it completely away...  9.30.10, 7:28pm
rich + alyssa - YOU guys are awesome! We had so much fun, and still can't stop talking about the book you made us. That's the most adorable thing ever!!  9.30.10, 6:32pm
Mindy Carlson - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! We absolutely LOVE the pictures. Thank you so very much!! We had a blast working with you two. Can't wait for the wedding!  9.30.10, 5:26pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Josh! We were ridiculously stoked with that one. We don't get to play in the rain often :)  9.30.10, 12:32pm
josh solar - First shot. WOW.  9.30.10, 12:03pm