Matt - You guys do such great work with families. This one is especially awesome. I want you to take photos of our day.  10.21.10, 1:54pm
fer juaristi - this is what called AWESOME family portraits.  10.9.10, 11:57am
Dawn - Wow! These photos are really amazing! Great location to romp around in, too. Can I ask where it is? As always, well done!  10.8.10, 10:07pm
rich + alyssa - Nope - digital. We don't play with film nearly enough. Rich always has it with him and might snap a couple... and then the developing :) Thanks, we loved this session!  10.7.10, 12:11pm
Miah Klein - Oh my oh my, was this film? Nice tones and documentary style for this fam sesh.  10.6.10, 7:35pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Matt :) We were super stoked with this shoot - at one point as I was trying to edit the blog down, Rich was like, screw it, put up 50. I almost did because these kids just never stopped with the ridiculous cuteness. :)  10.5.10, 11:16am
matthew morgan - these are insane! i freakin love that first one. 2nd one is killer too. great moments, great jorb  10.5.10, 4:49am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Ashlee :) We had a blast with this family - their kids are really two of the sweetest kids ever. I'm so digging Julian's hair - Murphy's trying for the long-haired look (he won't let us cut it), but I don't think he pulls it off nearly as awesomely as Julian.  10.5.10, 3:32am
ashlee - Absolutely amazing photos those children are adorable I remember last years shoot there so cute!!!! Great job you guys are awesome!!!!  10.5.10, 3:31am
rich + alyssa - Thanks so much! It WAS a really, really fun shoot!  10.4.10, 9:37am
Undfind Photography - Great angles with all the photos! I can really feel the fun and excitement from your shots.  10.3.10, 11:19pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Kyle. It's up there for my favorite, too. Actually, this summer, all my favorites have been families :) Go figure - I must have babies on the brain :)  10.3.10, 9:36am
Kyle - This may be my favorite blog post ever. FTW. Photographers and family rocked it.  10.3.10, 8:58am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Yuliya! We were really proud of this set - and they are a gorgeous family!!  10.2.10, 2:56pm
Yuka - Wow!!! What a beautiful family!!!!!!! AMAZING photographs!!!  10.1.10, 11:54pm
rich + alyssa - Ha - I think you guys are gonna flip when you see the rest. If I haven't been on a kick of limiting the shots, this post would've gone on forever. Your kids are so ridiculously cute, but so are you all as a family. You guys killed it!  10.1.10, 10:14am
lori - wow. and to think mike wondered if you got a single good shot of our kinetic kids! you captured what it so great about kids-they're just spontaneous and cute and full of joy. thanks for another great shoot! see you in 2011...  10.1.10, 1:05am
rich + alyssa - I know, right? They have two of the sweetest kids ever. They both kept giving Rich and I flowers + sticks - maybe the best share-ers ever :) Julian was like, here's a stick you can take home! I love four year olds!  9.30.10, 10:13pm
Gretchen - Oh great, as if I haven't been having baby fever enough already!! lol Those are some super adorable kids!! I love the close up shot of Romy with flower. Julian has such an adorable smile, they both do!! Awesome family shoot!!  9.30.10, 10:02pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, guys :) It's part photos, part amazing family AND part killer styling job :) For real - I heard you're styling people professionally now - that's awesome. I wish I'd hollered at you when we got our photos taken - I never know how to dress myself, and you always look fab!  9.30.10, 9:39pm
keri and josh schlageter - oh good lorrrrdddddddd these photos are MAGICAL!!!  9.30.10, 9:38pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Dennis!!  9.30.10, 7:37pm
Dennis - So great guys!  9.30.10, 7:36pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, David! We loved this shoot :)  9.30.10, 7:22pm
David - Awesome set guys! Love the first one especially.  9.30.10, 7:21pm
rich + alyssa - You know, I'd love to move to the Berkshires (I'm having a crazy country kick lately), but more likely is that we'll take a road trip your way some day. And there's no way we'd go through the area without stopping to see one of our best commenters!! To be honest, we don't come up with anything when it comes to kids - we let them go and try to keep up!  9.30.10, 5:45pm
jules - There isn't a photo in this series that I don't absolutely LOVE! I don't know how you guys do it - continually coming up with these amazing shots, especially when you're on the home stretch of a grueling season o' shooting! (AND are pregnant to boot!) I wish I had photos like this of our family.....have I mentioned how much I'd love for you to move to the Berkshires?  9.30.10, 5:44pm
rich + alyssa - Ha, right?! They may be the cutest family ever, right?  9.30.10, 4:22pm
Adrianne - You are right! Now I must have a kid. AMAZING pictures, as always!  9.30.10, 4:20pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Emily! Damn, we really love shooting kids!  9.30.10, 1:28pm
Emily - These are SO GOOOOOD!!! Love this session and all the amazingness you captured.  9.30.10, 1:26pm