Gemma Carr - Cheeky and bursting with life. Love 'em!  12.29.10, 1:48am
rich + alyssa - Aw :) It's okay - Murphy asked for Bobbi + Mike for a LONG time after our shoot with them. Thank you!!! We had such a great shoot with you guys!  11.5.10, 5:06pm
aimee - we are SOO stoked at these shots. Can you believe Pascal STILL asks "where's Rich and 'Lyssa?" I'm like--what am I, chopped liver?? ;) Thanks a million times over for capturing this time for us.  10.29.10, 12:45pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Dina! Yeah - we did a shoot at 7:30 this morning that was STUNNING!!! Can't wait to post it soon :)  10.28.10, 8:39pm
Dina - So cute!!! Fall is the best time of year! I about fell out of my chair laughing at the ovulating comment as well. That would certainly be something haha! Great photos!  10.27.10, 9:43am
rich + alyssa - Hah! No kiddin :P I fully support his life choices, I'd even help him raise it.  10.26.10, 6:30pm
B - Rich - if you start ovulating, Papa Love might have that infant he's been hauling around for the past decade.  10.26.10, 6:08pm
rich + alyssa - It's the best! We love, love, love family photography. :) It's addictive.  10.26.10, 12:23am
Marissa Rodriguez - Ok so when I see your family shots I want to keep shooting families! Ahhhh! What are you guys doing to me? Ha! Really beautiful session guys! I am IN LOVE with the orange/red/brown leaves!  10.25.10, 3:02pm
rich + alyssa - Wow -that is sayin somethin :) We like doing family portrait work in our style a LOT. What we've learned to do over our shooting careers seems to work really well for what we're doin, you know?  10.25.10, 2:30pm
greg philips - you guys a really ,r eally talented. I think your family work is even better than your wedding work and thet's really saing something.  10.25.10, 12:54pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks! That's the best thing we could possibly hear about our photos. THat's what it's all about - trying to get someone "right" you know?  10.25.10, 12:30pm
Ron - WOW.... you captured not only the beauty of this family but also their cool spirit. Aimee is known for her shoes and the picture of Dustin and Pascal together is awesome. I like Cal's sweater. My fav. is upclose family shot with Jasper looking at camera.(3rd from the end).  10.25.10, 12:16pm
rich + alyssa - Right on, thanks! Give us a shout if you're ever in the area :)  10.25.10, 10:30am
Americ - Wow these are really good pictures. If I didn't live in PA I would use them!  10.25.10, 9:49am
rich + alyssa - You're welcome - thank you Karen! :)  10.25.10, 9:30am
karen - Great pictures, thank you for sharing.  10.25.10, 9:28am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, M - that one might be my fav, too. The shoe thing - well, it's us, after all :)  10.25.10, 9:00am
meredith k - last shot is sooo my fav. little bit a blur is just perfect!  10.25.10, 8:45am
rich + alyssa - Aw, thank you so much - and thank you so much for your regular comments lately - you've made us super happy!  10.25.10, 12:03am
lucia - super-duper adorableness!!!  10.24.10, 11:46pm
rich + alyssa - We will, we will - hell, we even broke down and got a point-n-shoot so we don't have to carry any of our gear!  10.24.10, 8:00pm
Kyle - The tongue shot is by far my favorite in a while. What a great photo of an adorable kid. Family shots are the best. Keep up the great work and get some shots of your family at house of mouse.  10.24.10, 7:56pm
rich + alyssa - LOVE that you called it a "stretchy smile" - that's adorable! Yeah - GREAT shoes, right???  10.24.10, 5:00pm
Rachael - - Another amazing job, guys! All of the photos are beautiful but I think my favorite is Pascal's stretchy smile. A perfect shot! Also, I love Aimee's shoes!  10.24.10, 4:29pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you :)  10.24.10, 2:46pm
rich + alyssa - Whoa, whoa, SLOW down there, art history :P I take snapshots. I can't even spell "dimension" :P  10.23.10, 12:30am
Caitlin - These kiddos are exceptionally adorable. I think my favorite is Rich's first favorite; the dimensions, the focus, and the colors in that pic make it look like it could be a Renoir painting. Just beautiful.  10.23.10, 12:29am
rich + alyssa - I KNOW - little kids just kill us right now. I know it's the hormone thing and the having one of our own already thing, but we really, really dig those kiddos.  10.22.10, 11:18pm
Gretchen - Those kids are adorable!!!! I love seeing little kids with their winter jackets, a cute hat, and their gloves hanging out of their sleeves!!! So cute!!! I'm so glad there is still leaves on the trees to help make the shots even more amazing!!!!  10.22.10, 10:42pm