Dina - HAHA! Yes you should totally start emailing him :)  11.8.10, 11:24am
Jenny and Nick - haha told you we would strike up some commentary! we're still going through the rest of the pics...i look at each one for like 10 minutes...love them! enjoy some rest guys! you deserve it!  11.5.10, 8:30pm
rich + alyssa - Awww , and thank you for coming back and checking your photos - yikes, sorry we're just now responding to everybody - this posts' comment section took the heck off!  11.5.10, 5:55pm
Jenny - Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Rich and Alyssa are top notch - they make everything beautiful!  11.2.10, 1:13pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you - stay tuned, we'll have some posts here and there throughout the winter - maybe even some fun personal projects!!  11.1.10, 12:42pm
Tricia - I'm not as thrilled about the last wedding of the year. I enjoy jumping on here from time to time and seeing what fabulous photos you've posted. :)  11.1.10, 12:41pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, brother - we'll definitely just keep on pushing and pushing and pushing! Are you done with your year soon???  11.1.10, 1:30am
Jeff - Well....your last wedding of the year ended up as my favorite of the year. Glamor, passion, love all wrapped up like a Reese's PB Cup. Layers of amazing. Congrats on a brilliant 2010. Alyssa, rest up and congrats!. 2011 isn't far away. As always you two, spectacular!  11.1.10, 1:26am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, Gramma Glavey! It was so nice to meet you :)  10.30.10, 9:30pm
Gramma Glavey - What a wonderful wedding, you made the most beautiful bride and Nick the perfect groom, so easy to see the love between you. I was overwhelmed with tears of joy when you came down the aisle, I love you both very much. god bless your life.  10.30.10, 8:33pm
rich + alyssa - thank you, chica!!!! We will "take luck" and it's going to be amazing....  10.29.10, 9:30pm
lauren - I heart that shot from overhead, too - Alyssa, you rock!! We're so happy we got to be a part of the team this year. Good luck with the baby!  10.29.10, 9:27pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Molly! Hey - hire us for a couples' portrait shoot! We'll do it up for you guys :)  10.29.10, 9:20pm
molly - Stunning does not describe. I wish my wedding pictures were half as good as these. Beautiful subjects. Fantastic photographer.  10.29.10, 9:16pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Missy!! That means a ton from a friend of the couple - thank you, thank you :)  10.29.10, 8:50pm
Missy - Wow!!! AMAZING!!! I am still crying with tears of joy to feel the amazing energy of the day all over again!!! Beautiful couple "captured" perfectly!  10.29.10, 8:47pm
rich + alyssa - Yeah - I ended up reading some really oddball interpretations of the lyrics online. Some people seem to think it was super sexual, other people not so much....tough one to read. He was probably just be obtuse for obtusenesses sake :P  10.29.10, 8:30pm
Beth - Love the kiss from above shot ('And I think kiss from a rose on the gray' has to do with the tower he sings about in the first line of the song) Also a fan of the shot in the narthex where Jenny is looking down at who I assume is the ring bearer, cute!  10.29.10, 8:22pm
rich + alyssa - Yep - Jenny was SMOKING HOT!!! And we had a great day. Thank you - we just work real hard at getting it right :)  10.29.10, 5:45pm
Meredith Kosloski - That shot with the bouquet - I don't know how you see what you do, Alyssa, but that is stunning. I'd hang that on my wall and I have never met the couple. That's the girl you said looks like Kirsten Dunst, right?? She DOES!  10.29.10, 5:30pm
rich + alyssa - Name the time - you guys need to come over!  10.29.10, 5:20pm
Mike - Nice shootin'...love the gif (wink, wink) Hope to see you guys this winter. We need to make a bobsled trail connecting our houses.  10.29.10, 5:04pm
rich + alyssa - :) THANK YOU, JG!!! There are so many weddings where the couple, their bridal party and their guests DO make us feel so welcome we're feeling l. ke guests by the end of the night.  10.29.10, 2:00pm
jongirl - Fabulous finish to a fantastic season! Wish I had been a guest at this wedding .. that's how much you have captured the fun and love of this couple! Rest up and focus your energy on one another and growing that perfect little brother for Murphy. Love, love, love your work!  10.29.10, 1:52pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Lucia - that's the next BIG thing for us...gotta so SO MUCH WORK first!!!  10.29.10, 1:30pm
lucia - I'm with erin, below, just a gorgeous way to end up the season for you guys. i know i'll miss the winter weddings you guys usually do but youre gonna have a baby!!! good luck with everything!!  10.29.10, 1:19pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much!! We HEARD you are all about the funky shoes :)  10.29.10, 12:50pm
aimee - omg. these are beautiful--and I covet those shoes. you guys crack me up with all the nancy kerrigan/ seal banter! amazing shots, for reals!  10.29.10, 12:43pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Erin! Yeah, we're pretty happy and lucky and we can't wait to start again - BUT it's time to try and decompress for just a bit :) Thank you (and Jill and Marty of course :P ) for being a big part of our success this year!  10.29.10, 11:40am
Erin - What a way to wrap up Weddings 2010, just beautiful! Nick's tear wipe put a tear in my eye too!  10.29.10, 11:32am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Kyle!! Maybe something to do with dying love??? I dunno, it was in Batman....:P  10.29.10, 11:20am
Kyle - I agree that it is "kissed by a rose on the grey" but it doesn't make any sense. Loved the pie bar idea and the photos capturing it. Amazing fall wedding. I know your happy that wedding season is over but I am going to miss the thrill of pulling up your site and having a new blog post to stare at for twenty minutes. Loved your season. Great job!  10.29.10, 11:17am
rich + alyssa - Should we start emailing him for you?!? :P Thank you so much :)  10.29.10, 10:00am
Dina - These are spectacular!!! I just love them!!! You guys are just so talented!! the BF needs to hurry up so we can book you guys haha!!!! I know, I know, I can rush him, but still! I'm getting a little impatient haha :) Again great job!!!  10.29.10, 9:54am
rich + alyssa - WE couldn't be happier with your decision!! We're lucky to have had you guys as clients and we're super excited things worked out - because you helped us make some really awesome frames, brother. Stupid Seal.....  10.29.10, 2:30am
Nick - BTW its "kissed by a rose on the grey"....http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/seal/kissfromarose.html  10.29.10, 2:09am
Nick - Thanks so much guys, the pics are amazing--A while back when the process started, we had a different date set, but you were booked. We knew that the photography was what was going to help us look back and remember how awesome the day was...so switched to book you guys. I couldnt be more happy with that decision  10.29.10, 2:08am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Amanda!! We had an incredible time :) Perfect way to wrap the season :)  10.29.10, 12:45am
Amanda - The picures are awesome...you two were such a pleasure to work with and Jenn you were the most beautiful bride ever!  10.29.10, 12:16am
rich + alyssa - I pretty much ALWAYS want pie!!! Thank you so much :)  10.28.10, 11:45pm
Gretchen - Why are you talking about my clothes??? :) haha!!! jk! These are stunning!! I love the first kiss shot, it's beautiful!!!! Oh and way to end the slideshow with a shot of some tasty looking pie, now I want some damn pie!!! :)  10.28.10, 11:40pm
rich + alyssa - Ivy was a HOOOOOOOO!!!! How amazing was the part of the show where she was shit-talking about karma and then they cut to her getting a needle shot at her eye?!??!?! EPIC. Mondo got jobbed. Hard - he clearly, clearly should have won and Gretchen should have been out week two. Very disappointing.  10.28.10, 10:05pm
Kristen - That first picture was all I needed to see - A-MA-ZING! These pictures were spectacular. I don't know what I'm going to do now that wedding season is over... While, this season wasn't spectacular (I'm with you on Gretchen - and she was EVIL too - at least she wasn't Ivy - uugh) how can you not watch tonight?? My biggest fear is I'm going to fall asleep before the end and have it ruined for me tomorrow by the stupid internet. I'm rooting for Mondo. I've loved him from the beginning, but they never pick who I like. If Gretchen wins, I'm done.  10.28.10, 10:03pm
rich + alyssa - So, so true - the man is married to Klum, amirite? Man to man to zone....we should write a parenting book based on the triangle offense in basketball. For serious.  10.28.10, 10:00pm
josh solar - Rule #1: You don't question Seal, ok? You just don't. Have you seen that man's scar!?! We don't know what that man has been put through!!! Congrats on the 2nd, it's a whole new ball game when you add that second, but until you have to switch from man to man into zone, it's still a lot of fun (or whenever you add the 3rd). Glad you get a break finally. Unwind, kick back and enjoy life, my friend!  10.28.10, 9:54pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Jen! We will definitely be trying to relax as much as humanly possible :)  10.28.10, 9:40pm
Jen - AMAZING!! An awesome end to a great wedding season...lovin the first picture! You guys rock- enjoy the break before baby #2 comes along!  10.28.10, 9:34pm
rich + alyssa - You HAVE to see the GP every year. It just isn't Halloween without it :) Thank you for making our season so awesome!! We're super excited to get going again next year, but we definitely need some brain drain time :) Talk to you soon!!!  10.28.10, 9:20pm
Caitlin - LOVE the fall details - Jenny, you did great work!! The pie bar is an awesome, rustic touch, too :) Congratulations to you both! R+A, 1. um, how cool is that virtual flip book of the first look? (yeah, remember flip books?), and 2. you guys find the coolest places to put people. I swear I feel like I come to know our fair city a little bit better every time I look through one of your posts. Enjoy your VERY well-deserved rest (and thanks for the tip about The Great Pumpkin!)  10.28.10, 9:18pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Wendy!  10.28.10, 9:15pm
Wendy - I love the picture of them kissing, shot from above.  10.28.10, 9:14pm
rich + alyssa - No - they need to break the rules, right? Sometimes you have to just make yourself do that stuff...Aww, you LOVED your wedding so damned much. It was really a great time and you guys are super awesome :)  10.28.10, 9:13pm
Jenny - Oh, and P.S.: I dig the artsy fence shot - I'm cool like that...my students hate when I make them do out of focus stuff! They think I'm crazy, which they are usually right about...  10.28.10, 9:11pm
Jenny - Well - it just took me 45 minutes to stop crying. Every time I look at something you guys have shot I am more and more impressed - how are any other photographers in Buffalo even in business? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I'm so happy we switched our date for you guys - I couldn't have lived with myself if I didn't and I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to capture this day so perfectly. Say what you will but you guys rock, too!  10.28.10, 9:07pm