rich + alyssa - Thanks - natural, unnatural, all light is good light :)  12.22.10, 11:33am
Undfind Photographer - amazing images love the use of natural light :D  12.13.10, 7:15pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Fer! They were great to work with. You get something like this goin on and you know you can expect great stuff on the wedding the wedding day, right??  11.30.10, 5:30pm
fer juaristi - amazing framing guys, love the vibe of this couple.  11.30.10, 4:04pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Dina! Yeah, we waited and waited and waited and waited to get that one right :)  11.29.10, 4:30pm
Dina - I love love love love love these!!! They are so pretty and really rad! I especially love the one with the leaves falling around them! Great job!  11.29.10, 3:35pm
rich + alyssa - Um, YES to this :) :)  11.15.10, 9:30pm
Gretchen - The snow can't come fast enough Kristen!!! Probably January!!!!!!  11.15.10, 8:54pm
Kristen - Gretchen, can you please hurry up and have your e-shoot! I can't wait anymore!!! :-)  11.15.10, 1:25pm
rich + alyssa - OMG - it IS a year now!!! Time is going way too fast for us :) But in a good way, too, we can't wait to work with you guys. You being excited makes us even more extra excited :)  11.12.10, 10:30pm
Gretchen - I'm slacking this week, too much going on! These are beautiful!!!! The shot with the leaves falling from the tree..... AMAZING!!! I love it!!! I can't wait guys!!! 365 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  11.12.10, 10:05pm
rich + alyssa - I love winter the best, but fall is def a close second, my friend. The weather hear is $$ in the Fall.  11.11.10, 3:30am
Miah Klein - Ah, falling in love in fall. The best time of year.  11.11.10, 3:19am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Will! Those our are favs, too :)  11.10.10, 10:30am
Will Penfield - Wow - second photograph and last photograph, FTW!!  11.10.10, 10:25am
rich + alyssa - Thank you :) I know it's so "done" that whole walking away shot thing, but in this frame it just worked really well, so it was a no-brainer to use there. Thank you so much for stopping by, E! :)  11.9.10, 12:00pm
Emily - Love how you ended this post... you guys are so good at telling a story!  11.9.10, 11:41am
rich + alyssa - That's RIGHT!!! one day we should try to draw some sort of graph to plot all the NCS relationships - makes this job even more cool than it already is :)  11.8.10, 10:01pm
Kristen - Don't forget... Gretchen and I used to work together :-)  11.8.10, 1:06pm
rich + alyssa - Hi Beth, thanks!! The serious face doesn't always work - but damn, when it does?? WIN.  11.8.10, 12:50pm
Beth - I have to agree with Alyssa, serious face = stunning! So hard to pick a favorite from these, but I do love the piggy back pic!  11.8.10, 12:46pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you - I thought they were pretty rad, too :)  11.7.10, 12:30pm
Meredith Kosloski - Again with your last shots...all three of your front page posts I looked at today have favorite photograph last!  11.7.10, 12:09pm
rich + alyssa - Noo, you are SO not. We've gotten told that a bunch. Sometimes, I even play it like a one-armed bandit. Like, I'll try to get all black and whites...yes, I'm kindof a loser :)  11.7.10, 3:00am
LoriBeth Frey - love love love #2, #4, #5 and the last one! also, am i the only Nickel City Studio alum who refreshes the page a ridiculous amount of times madly trying to find a pic from their shoot at the top of the homepage in the 3 pic section?  11.7.10, 2:55am
rich + alyssa - Dad Dave, where is your solidarity with your wife and the caps lock key?? Chelsea is unbelievably gorgeous - how lucky can we get to shoot her and Jay, the nicest guy ever???  11.6.10, 12:30pm
Dave Denn - How beautiful is that girl!!! That guy in the photo's sure is a lucky dude. Can't wait to see the rest of the photo's as these are absolutely GREAT! (PS...I'm Chelsea's DAAAAAAAAAAAAD)  11.6.10, 12:05pm
rich + alyssa - Cheers, thanks a ton Tara!  11.6.10, 4:00am
Tara Martin - I LOVE these pictures. They really capture the love you two have for one another. I am so happy for you guys.  11.6.10, 3:56am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Jenn! Loved it :)  11.5.10, 9:00pm
jenn ayres - The falling leaves shot is unreal amazing!! Enjoy your time off, guys! ;)  11.5.10, 8:52pm
rich + alyssa - lol, Ben - that's too funny. No, she was just excited!! Thanks a ton - looking forward to meeting you guys, for sure.  11.5.10, 11:30am
Benjamin Den - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures kudos to the photographers! My personal favorite is the second to last photo of you guys great work Alyssa ad Rich. And PS. mom I think you left the caps lock on ;-)  11.5.10, 11:07am
rich + alyssa - Thank you so much, Alexis! I think the piggy-back shot may be our fave, too....We love stuff like that, especially when it just happens, you know?  11.5.10, 10:50am
Alexis Denn - Stunning Chelsea. Jay, the picture where you are giving her a piggy-back ride is absolutely adorable! The third photo where you are laughing and Jay is looking up smiling is beautiful! I must say that I do love all the pictures! What a gorgeous setting. I cannot wait to see the remainder of the photos. Amazing job, Alyssa and Rich!``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````  11.5.10, 10:49am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Chelsea!!! It was cold, but fully, fully awesome :)  11.5.10, 10:40am
Chelsea - Thanks guys...We could not have asked for a more beautiful morning! Alyssa and made us feel so comfortable and in our element, and it really shows in these picutres :) I can't wait to see the rest!!  11.5.10, 10:37am
rich + alyssa - I love it when brides' moms post on our blog - we were just chatting about this with someone today, actually. Thank you so much and we can't wait to meet you and the rest of your family on the wedding day!! Jay IS awesome, and holy cow do you have a GORGEOUS daughter :)  11.5.10, 7:30am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Natalie!! We are only able to do what we do because of all you guys and your awesomeness. We can't do what we do without you - we NEED you!!! And we love you :)  11.4.10, 11:50pm
Natalie Haendiges - Beautiful!! Chelsea - you have a great serious face, that's my favorite of the bunch! Buffalo is amazing, as soon as I put up a post on Facebook about our engagement pictures and how awesome our photographers are I found out Chelsea and at least 5 other people I know booked you guys too. Alyssa and Rich enjoy the holidays, and vacation :)  11.4.10, 11:47pm
rich + alyssa - Heck yeah, thanks brother!  11.4.10, 11:30pm
josh solar - Beautiful shoot, friends. Gotta love that sweet morning light.  11.4.10, 11:29pm
rich + alyssa - I think we would love to do a catalogue-like shoot like that, you know? Maybe someday we'll just do something like that for fun, you know? Thanks, C! :)  11.4.10, 10:03pm
Caitlin - This shoot totally captured the essence of fall. Love the 2nd shot in, and love the shot of jay carrying chelsea on his back - looks like it belongs in an LL Bean catalog or something :)  11.4.10, 9:53pm