Mark Brooke - this are the goodness. :)  12.22.10, 9:26pm
Mark Brooke - this are the goodness. :)  12.22.10, 9:26pm
Dina - How stinking cute are these!?! I absolutely love them!!! You guys are so great at capturing family adorableness!!!  11.29.10, 3:37pm
barb person - dear rich and alyssa, every time you do photos of josh, keri, leni and now leo i am in awe of how wonderful they are. they bring tears to my eyes every time. you capture some of the sweetest nuances - things that someone who doesn't know them might pass over. you catch the essence of the sweetness and kindness and love that is this family. thanks so much. love, josh's mom  11.13.10, 8:30pm
Gretchen - Those kids are freaking ADORABLE!!!! I love the tire shot!!! That is TOO cute!!!!  11.12.10, 10:06pm
Emily - Another amazing session... so real, love it.  11.9.10, 11:42am
rich - I sorta, almost, kinda regret mentioning my ovaries in a post. Thank you, lol :)  11.8.10, 9:57pm
rich + alyssa - Huh - now I feel weird because I'm not sure which Sara is which??? Mehl??  11.8.10, 9:57pm
Sara - Leni has maybe the cutest smile on the planet. My ovaries (like Rich said on one wedding post, lol) are hurting. You guys are amazing with kids. I want to have them just so I can have these photos.  11.7.10, 6:08pm
rich + alyssa - A. GREED. For reals, Meredith :) We adore Leni.  11.7.10, 4:30pm
Meredith Kosloski - CUTEST KIDS EVER. EV. ER!  11.7.10, 12:08pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Kyle! That's rad :)  11.6.10, 4:30pm
Kyle - I feel like I know this family from the super awesome glimpses into their lives that you guys provide. Awesome.  11.6.10, 3:50pm
rich + alyssa - Get out! Of COURSE you do - Josh is a hell of an artist. I'm well-covered in Josh ink as well :)  11.4.10, 10:00pm
Caitlin - I don't know this family, but you have lead me to love them. (Well, I do know Josh, I have some of his artwork on my back!). Rich, I think your favorite is my favorite. Leni holding Josh's hand + the tiny heart on his finger? Heart-melting, ovary-thumping beauty! Love :)  11.4.10, 9:51pm
rich + alyssa - yes they do have some crazy awesome children :)  11.4.10, 8:30pm
lucia - I remember this family!! They are some super gorgeous kids :)  11.4.10, 8:05pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you!!! And with you a Chris - yes, please have kids soon! They will rock so hard :)  11.4.10, 7:00pm
Sara - Those kids are adorable! I always get excited when you guy get to shoot families - they make me want to hurry up and have kids!!  11.4.10, 6:48pm