Dina - I know I say this all the time, but you guys are so amazing!! Fantastic shots!  1.7.11, 11:57am
Natalie Haendiges - You guys are killing me! It's getting so close to our big day, and I can't look at all of these beautiful shots from 2010 without crying! I can't wait for you to do our wedding in just 7 weeks :)  1.7.11, 8:05am
lucia - holy crap - I don't think anyone can do what you guys do at a wedding ceremony.  12.31.10, 3:30pm
Caitlin - These last two posts are awesome sauce, guys. We feel honored to be a part of them :-) Can't believe this year has come and gone so quickly. Happy new year to you and yours!  12.31.10, 8:41am
Lindsay - Just beautiful!  12.30.10, 2:52pm
Emily - The little guy in the wagon is our adorable nephew! Thanks for such a great shot. It totally captures his beautiful little soul!  12.30.10, 9:21am
Gretchen - I love love love the shot of the little boy in the wagon!!!!!!!! He is so freaking cute!!!! I always love ceremony shots!! They are all gorgeous!!!!!  12.29.10, 6:22pm
Emily - GREAT work, you guys! I've really enjoyed viewing your beautiful, unique work throughout the year.  12.29.10, 12:43pm