Dina - You guys really capture the fun and excitement that happens at the reception in these shots!! So amazing :)  1.7.11, 11:50am
Marissa Rodriguez - Whoa. Best reception images ever. KILLED it.  1.3.11, 3:17pm
tricia smith - ahh! i can't pick a favorite! omg so many awesome moments!  1.2.11, 3:45am
Amberle - I really really love that the one of my husband's parents ended up in there... I kinda thought it might, and was surprised to the the one of my and my sister! I do adore that picture!! We *FINALLY* got some prints of our photos, and I couldn't believe how much better they looked then! You guys are amazing!!! Thank you thank you thank you again so much for your amazing work!! :)  1.1.11, 9:07pm
brianna phelan - love love. xo :)  1.1.11, 1:46am
Gretchen - Please let there be snow on Monday, please let there be snow on Monday, please let there be snow on Monday!! Ok, anywho!!! I love all these smiles on here!!! Oh, and I showed Mark the picture in the limo bus with the guy on the pole...... he's been telling me for months that we need a limo bus just for that reason so his best man can do the same thing! lol  12.31.10, 7:23pm
lucia - that was the weirdest thing ever. I like commented and then I clicked save comment and you had blogged another post!! Incredible, I'm going to go back over them slowly now!  12.31.10, 3:31pm