brenda - oh these are so beautiful! i could seriously just look at them over and over and over!  1.26.11, 2:32am
fer juaristi - it´s so cool seeing all this great pics in one post, keep rocking us in 2011!  1.20.11, 9:22am
Jake - Incredible set Rich and Alyssa! Engagements are my favorite. Your composition and exposure always compliment the location and the couple!  1.19.11, 1:23am
Jenny Licata - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!  1.18.11, 10:46am
Dina - YAY!!! I've been waiting for this post!! These are so amazing!!! Oh and on a side note, exactly one week until Travis and I get to meet with you!  1.18.11, 10:36am
Marilyn - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You guys rock.  1.17.11, 6:14pm
miah klein - There's a lot of seasons and a lot of love here. Hard to pick a favorite on this post as they are kick some royal butt!  1.17.11, 5:42pm
Caitlin - Agree with Kristen - thanks for doing these, we all enjoy them so very much :-) Love every pic (the impending kiss over the Spot Coffee mugs made me go 'awe' - shameless Buffalove). By all accounts, 2011 is lookin' like it will be one heck of a good looking year. Cannot wait to see what's in store. Much love to you, NCS!  1.16.11, 10:34pm
Kristen - HOORAY! I don't know how you guys narrowed it down as much as you did. It's funny because a lot of the shots that you picked were also my favorites (not just of us either!). I think the best ofs are awesome - thanks for taking the time to do it. I can't wait for the wedding!!!  1.16.11, 9:33pm
Gretchen - YAY!!!!!! Kristen and Brandon made the favorites!!!!!! 5 times even!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Beautiful beautiful shots guys!!!!!! Now we have to wait a year to see if we make the favorites!!!!!!  1.16.11, 9:20pm
Mike Argento - These are amazing.  1.16.11, 7:42pm
Brandon lata - WTF! Awesome stuff! Incredible composition! To many for me to pick a fave! All of em rock my world!  1.16.11, 5:56pm