Kyle - Now I know why I always got to vacuum instead of bathroom duty. I am so happy that you were weak while growing up. HaHa. I must say that we have gone through three crappy vacuums as well and I am contemplating the expensive one as well- Dyson, Kirby, or Rainbow. I loved the second last shot it is awesome but the first and last shots were great as well.  1.20.11, 7:53am
Jeff - There's something about winter sessions. The overcast lets the colors blast off and the chemistry gets hot because well, you gotta stay warm somehow. All the best to the happy couple. You have no idea whats coming...NCS is going to rock your day.  1.14.11, 1:23am
stefanie - Second to last photo = MAJOR WIN!  1.10.11, 6:51pm
Ruth Spink (Gretchen's Mom and "The Mother in - I agree with Priscilla-you TOTALLY got them! Their personalities, playfulness, and love is all over the place in these. What beautiful shots and what a way to get us even more pumped up about their special day and life together! My hubby and I want some like these for us! Where were you when we got married!?  1.10.11, 7:46am
Sara D - Love love LOVE the benches pic!  1.9.11, 9:41pm
Marilyn (Kristen's mom) - I've got to say, I've become a Nickel City Stalker. I really love your work. You did a great job on Kristen and Brandon's engagement photo's. I cannot wait for the wedding. Also, I've been waiting to see Gretchen and Mark's pic's since she always has great things to say about everyone else...Gretchen, you are adorable! Love the fence shot. Can't wait to stalk your wedding pictures:-)  1.9.11, 3:50pm
Dina - These are so fantastic!! The sky in the third shot is out of this world!!! Gretchen and Mark are so adorable in these shots as well!! Oh and it's also nice to see that someone else shares in my affinity for vacuum cleaners :)  1.7.11, 11:19am
Priscilla - You totally got Gtetchen & Mark!! They are both awesome and I couldn't love them more. What a fun wedding it will be!  1.7.11, 9:36am
lucia - It makes me so happy that you guys are back posting - and to see Gretchen. I see her comments all the time - you look great, girl!!!  1.7.11, 9:02am
Amberle Edwards - Oh these were great!!! And I am totally digging the light! And that sky!! And you two are just adorable!!! Many happy years to you!!! :)  1.7.11, 9:01am
Laura - absolutely beautiful shots! you guys definitely captured the "gretchen and mark" essence - sweet, loving and fun. fabulous :)  1.6.11, 10:34pm
brianna phelan - Cheers to 'attaboys' - they're what make the world go round :) The 2nd last shot kicks some major ass!  1.6.11, 9:22pm
Aunt Wendy - LOVE all the shots - your photographers have done you and Mark and Laura and Pete proud! btw Rich - re:Dyson - If I had another kid - I'd name it Dyson. Get thee to the vacuum store!  1.6.11, 6:47pm
Gretchen - Ok, so now I can post a better comment since I'm not at work!!! I love these you guys!!!! Alyssa, you laying on the ground to get that shot with a amazing blue sky was so worth it!!!! Since you put up the first shot on here as the preview photo, it has become the wallpaper on both our computers, my cell, my iPod, it is on my digital frame and it is my facebook profile picture!!!!! I love how the bridge shots turned out!!!!! You know how I love my bridge shots!!!!!!! That sun was amazing in the 5th and 11th shots!!!! The fence shot turned out great!!!!! I could comment on these photos all day but it couldn't begin to show how much I love them and how utterly glad I am that we have you guys to shoot our wedding!!! Thank you so much for being so amazingly awesome and the best photographers we could ever ask for!!!!!! :)  1.6.11, 6:14pm
LoriBeth Frey - love these shots - very wintery and outdoorsy! the 1st shot is killer. p.s. Rich - I can get you a deal on a refurbished dyson vacuum cleaner for under $300 if you're interested. hmm hmm? email me if so.  1.6.11, 1:56pm
Mark - Wow I am one happy camper, unlike the two of you on your can't poo in a hole camping trip. HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously these pictures are amazing, and I couldn't imagen having them done by anyone else. You two are amazing people, and photographers!  1.6.11, 12:56pm
Kristen - OMG!!! LOVE. I don't know how I will ever pick my favorites. I don't think I can pick just one. You guys look STELLAR - even though there was no snow. There aren't enough words to describe the awesomeness.  1.6.11, 12:39pm
Gretchen - AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you both so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  1.6.11, 12:27pm