Alissa - I love the shot with the birds over your heads, so nice. You two look so beautiful. I wanted you to win your wedding photos but these will do! Awesome pictures! I'm sure the snow was cold but it just looks so pretty behind your lovely faces!!  1.23.11, 8:25pm
Gemma Carr - wow - awesome birdy photo action right here! Love it.  1.16.11, 6:11am
Jeff - Hi, Mr. Disney, yes I am writing on behalf of Rich and Alyssa here. Yes, i know stealing Bambi for the session was. . .unorthodox. However, their method is simple. They take the, "How the hell did that happen?" and make it one of the best engagement shots, um, ever. So really, don't be pissed. You need to congratulate Colleen and Andrew like I am because seriously, Walt, this is one for the ages. Thanks for your time.  1.14.11, 1:28am
Emily - So Alyssa is now the Deer Whisperer, eh? :) Beautifully awesome session... love the snow, the laughter, and the little birdies!!  1.13.11, 11:17am
Displaced WNYer - Ha ha ha! You said 'testes'!!! Also, how much do you pay the deer to pose?  1.12.11, 9:12am
Tricia Smith - WOW these are amazing! Snow photos are incredible...!  1.11.11, 11:54pm
Miah Klein - That deer shot is the one! I can't believe it is beach weather over here and snowing where you are. Mad props for shooting in the cold.  1.11.11, 8:00pm
Beth W - These came out SO great. They are very worth any whining that came during! It looks like you LOVE the snow! Tremendous shots!  1.11.11, 1:31pm
Amy - Wow. These photos are fabulous! I can't wait to see your gallery.  1.11.11, 10:44am
Beth - The deer shot is amazing! Buffalo is alive in winter, despite the freezing temps and snow we get!  1.11.11, 10:18am
Dina - These are so fantastic!!!!!! I absolutely love the snow and you guys totally rocked the winter shots!!! Seeing all of the new shots makes me so uber excited to meet with you guys on the 25th!!!  1.11.11, 9:58am
Colleen - We really did have a lot of fun with the two of you. You are awesomely fun to be around, and the photos look incredible! The deer photo is awesome - it looks so hungry though. It's too bad that they forbid feeding the deer. :)  1.11.11, 9:56am
Gretchen - Alright, I'm jealous that they got snow!!!! It's ok though, we still LOVE our photos!!!! I totally love the tree shot!!! Also, I love the random chickadee shot!!!! I love chickadees!!!! Gorgeous as always guys!!!!!  1.10.11, 11:51pm
josh solar - hehe. you said testes. you also killed it in the snow. lovely session!  1.10.11, 11:28pm
Jennifer :) - Gorgeous winter photos!  1.10.11, 11:08pm
H&K - I loved every one of these.. But I especially loved the shot of the little bird in the foreground. You guys ROCKED this!  1.10.11, 11:06pm
Ryan Ray - totally dig the deer frame!!  1.10.11, 10:59pm