Undfind Photographer - I love the first three photos, amazing! Great photos  4.20.11, 6:17pm
scotty - srsly love that shot over the water.  3.14.11, 1:52pm
scotty - srsly love that shot over the water.  3.14.11, 1:52pm
ErinElizabeth - "That's PITIFUL!" Right? :o) I do that all the time... I'm such a messy speaker. These are some amazing shots. And an adorable couple. Love love your work, you guys.  2.18.11, 6:26pm
fer juaristi - Killer set guys! love that first shot!  2.12.11, 11:05am
Marissa Rodriguez - The first three are AMAZING! Well, they ALL are, but those first three are my favorites. And of course, I enjoy reading your blog every time. I literally sit back and picture you guys talking to each other and I don't even know you haha! Great stuff guys!  2.8.11, 4:09pm
Emily - Wow you guys... AMAZING session. I have so many favorites.  2.1.11, 6:46pm
H&K - What a gorgeous couple! But now let's get down to the nitty gritty. Alyssa - WHAT DID YOU SAY?? Prettyful? No, it had to be much worse than that... haha  1.26.11, 3:34pm
ray - I just looked at your site for the first time in a long time.........tear.....these photos are so amazing.........I love your work and how it has evolved - our wedding photos are still some of my favorite ever viewed....thank you  1.25.11, 9:18pm
AlysonO - WOW what an AMAZING shoot! And such a GORGEOUS couple!! Melissa and Jordan, you guys really killed it! Maybe its the hormones, but that bit at the end almost made me cry, Rich. And Alyssa - I gotta know what you said!  1.24.11, 12:59pm
Sara D - Fantastic hat! And beautiful photos.  1.21.11, 9:25pm
Caitlin - Love, love, love!! Mel, you guys look great!! Awesome choice for the location - it looks like you guys are in an old town in Europe somewhere :-) Rich, I think your favorite is my favorite, too - absolutely love how the sky and lake blend in to each other. Great stuff.  1.21.11, 4:46pm
Dina - These are so beautiful!!!!!!!!! You guys totally rocked it out and Melissa and Jordan your adorable!! Oh and I'll make sure not to tell Travis that you turned down the musket presentation because he would probably give you some speech about how rad that would have been haha :)  1.21.11, 10:25am
Meghan - These are incredible guys!!! Makes me want to retake all of my wedding pics. It would be hard to out do though with such amazing good lucks between you. Can't wait for the big day!!!XOXO  1.21.11, 9:46am
Jordan - Dear Rich & Alyssa, I don't want to take ALL of the credit for the shots, but needless to say I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to finding awesome walls! lol You guys did an amazing job & we had such a great time with you (regardless of frostbite)!!  1.21.11, 1:01am
Gemma - love this shoot, every shot is fantastic. A great day at the office guys! Love your work. xo  1.20.11, 11:50pm
17 Video Production - PERFECT!!!!  1.20.11, 11:27pm
josh solar - I love that your couples are cool to brave the cold/snow for killer pictures like this. Last couple I had whined and cried like babies :) Seriously rad stuff, you two.  1.20.11, 11:21pm
Melissa - Rich and Alyssa these are amazing!!! And your comments definitely made me giggle multiple times - I didn't know how serious Jordan was about walls until this shoot either ha! Like I've told you both, and countless others, we couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to work with you. These photos have given me the biggest smile and I'm sure years from now they'll do the same ; )  1.20.11, 10:53pm
Gretchen - OMG!!! These are gorgeous!!!!! Where did you guys go?!?! Those walls kicked some major ass!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!  1.20.11, 10:21pm