LJP Los Angeles - Love the photos with the couple out in the snow, very creative!  4.18.11, 6:50pm
bobbi - :) Your kid rocks. A lot. Your next one will too, guaranteed. Name him Rock. Rock Mattingly.  3.14.11, 8:58pm
sonya at zenobia studios - Congratulations!! That picture is amazingly sweet! <3  2.25.11, 3:10pm
Michelle and Joe Lorenzetti - Congrats you guys! We're so happy for you!!!  2.24.11, 6:15pm
Kyle - Love that he is poking his baby brother through the belly button. Very Cute. Super Congrats.  2.17.11, 8:02am
Julie - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this picture. from your beautiful belly to the mischievious grin on the Murph-man's face. Thinking of you all! xoxo  2.14.11, 10:12pm
Melissa - Beautiful - this picture brought tears to my eyes. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! Can't wait to see baby Dexter!!  2.13.11, 7:09pm
Jenn - OMG i cant wait!!!! are you name it Finn so you can have Murphy and Finn!! thats what i want, lol cant wait to see pictures of him!! and dont let anyone drink the milk except the baby!! lol  2.11.11, 9:01am
Lisa - LOVE this!!! Enjoy every quiet moment you can before Dexter arrives. Going form 1 to 2 kids is a big difference and can be chaos at times :)  2.10.11, 10:51pm
Jenny Licata - So beautiful!  2.10.11, 4:30pm
miah klein - heck yes, enjoy every minute of it  2.10.11, 2:58pm
Emily - Oh what a sweet image. Congratulations & enjoy the time with your family!  2.10.11, 11:16am
stefanie - Congratulations, Rich & Alyssa! Savour this time. We'll be thinking about you!  2.9.11, 6:00pm
Kim - Luv it! His little smirk is just priceless:-) Best of luck!  2.9.11, 4:29pm
Derek J. Punaro - You forget how darn cute those newborns are. :) Enjoy the break!  2.8.11, 10:56pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Oh my gosh, seriously the most adorable photo ever!!!! LOVE! Enjoy your time off! Can't wait to see pics of the little guy :)  2.8.11, 4:03pm
Beth - Cutest belly pic EVER! And I love Murphy's monkey, adorable!  2.7.11, 10:02pm
Teresa - Love this photo! Enjoy your much deserved break. Have fun preparing for Dexter (super cute name)! ~ Teresa & Dave  2.7.11, 5:12pm
Dina - This is the most adorable and sweet picture ever!!!!! We're so excited for you!! We'll be thinking about ya!! ~ Dina and Travis  2.7.11, 11:06am
Amberle - I love this picture!! I'm so excited for you guys!! :)  2.7.11, 7:48am
Jen - We're so excited for you guys! (And when did Murphy get to be so big!?!?) Best of luck preparing for Dexter! -Jen & Matt  2.6.11, 8:35pm
Anne-marie Gaul - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo happy for you guys!! Good luck and congrats!!! Cant wait to see pics of the little guy!!  2.6.11, 12:40pm
Mike Argento - We are so happy for you guys and are looking forward to spending time with the 4 of you!  2.6.11, 3:02am
Yuka photo art - I am in love with this photo!!!!!!!!!!Every detail is beautiful...... Guys, please let us know when we can see you :-)))))  2.5.11, 11:06pm
Gretchen - Love the photo!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see shots of the new baby!!!! I took a ton of our new nephew today!!!!!  2.5.11, 10:08pm
josh solar - The bribery and threats were totally worth it! Also, Jenny shot a wedding 11 days before she gave birth to Ava in 2006. It was funny because she couldn't walk between the tables. She had to stay on the outside of the room for the reception. Much laughter was had by all :) Can't wait to see Baby Dex soon!  2.5.11, 9:38pm
Kristen - This is definitely my favorite picture in a REALLY long time. Congratulations and enjoy. Can't wait to hear about how Murphy takes to being a big brother!  2.5.11, 7:51pm
gemma - Such a lovely time for your growing family - enjoy every bit of it! xo  2.5.11, 7:05pm
Jennifer - Are you kidding me? So cute! SO SO CUTE! My ovaries are leaping!  2.5.11, 6:33pm
Caitlin - Oh my god, CUTEST picture ever. We're so excited for you all (and also excited that you are going with Dexter for the name - fantastic choice.) You'll be in our thoughts and prayers - enjoy it all :-) xoxo, Caitlin and Matt  2.5.11, 5:38pm