Ellen - omg, look at the creepy guy in the background here: http://www.nickelcitystudios.com/images/content/storyboard-comp-11.jpg LAWL  5.3.11, 7:32pm
Tressa Ross - Beautiful couple and what a gorgeous winter wedding!  4.19.11, 1:56pm
Amanda-Rose - Oh how I've missed the blog...This was a gorgeous wedding you guys and of course you did an incredible job, and I love the new format. Great way to get a ton of pics in. Can't wait for your next post! Congrats :)  4.10.11, 3:56pm
Kate S - So I've been silently obsessing over/stalking your website for months now, and I can no longer stay silent. I LOVE the new format!! The work you guys do is absolutely enchanting, and the new format makes it look even more artistic than the photos already are!! Beautiful shoot and congrats on the new baby!  4.6.11, 3:59pm
Lauren - Amazing pictures! The wedding looked beautiful and you did a great job as usual...loved all the pictures and the new format is cool : ) can't wait until May. I have to say the photography is one of the things I'm most excited about!  3.19.11, 2:59pm
Harmony Loves - Perfectly captured and gorgeous and stunning images! Y'all are seriously the bomb!!  3.16.11, 11:19pm
scotty - what? did i not comment yet? incredible coverage. wow.  3.14.11, 1:51pm
miah klein - Wow, what a banger to start off 2011! You guys took this thing to another level, thanks for the inspiration. Love the new design with all the little photos...  3.14.11, 2:02am
H&K - Hey guys - Beautiful set of pictures. Love the new layout. You two are an inspiration to us.. And thank you so much for your comments on our blog - You have no idea how much it means to us, coming from you. Rock on!  3.13.11, 10:55pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, brother - means a ton when you comment/stop by!  3.13.11, 12:06pm
fer juaristi - Killer wedding guys! love the tones!  3.11.11, 9:04am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Melissa :)!  3.10.11, 4:15pm
Melissa - WOW! Beautiful shots and what a gorgeous couple! Warm wishes for a Shane & Natalie : )  3.9.11, 8:37pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Sara :) We love it, too. Should let us put a lot more into each post.  3.6.11, 4:15pm
Sara D - love the new format!  3.6.11, 4:10pm
rich + alyssa - We're pretty stoked to be back, too :) Thank you! We can't wait to post them - because when we DO post some baby photos it'll mean the baby FINALLY came. ;)  3.6.11, 2:49pm
Lucia - Yay - you're back! I'm so happy with the new look. I love it you guys. Can't wait to see your baby phtoos!!!  3.5.11, 12:33pm
rich + alyssa - Lol, right on :) THANK YOU SO MUCH for hooking us up with that refurb site. The Dyson is amazing. I can't believe I didn't have this thing before. I find a reason to use it every single day. Tell Jake to let you go for it!! It's kindof worth every penny, especially since we have the cat and the two dogs and the four-year-old. It's been great.  3.4.11, 11:25am
LoriBeth Frey - loving seeing so many more pics at once - usually i'm anxiously scrolling to see the next photo and now i can see so many - DROOL! that dress is giving me dress envy and i've been married a year already. wow! how's your Dyson Rich? Jake won't even let me use it LOL  3.4.11, 2:59am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Mary! That's awesome to hear. We love "meeting" new folks via the blog :) Super fun. Please, don't be a stranger!  3.3.11, 11:55pm
Mary - Hi! I have been following your blog secretly for at least 2 years. I love the new format! It feels nice to reveal myself, your no longer secret stalker, Mary.  3.3.11, 11:00pm
rich + alyssa - Hey man, thanks! Yeah - I always dug how you packed all those photos in, just had to find a good way to do it within the confines of our blog, which we can't change a ton with, you know? Love that we're about to have a new kid ANd about to start our season. Good times!  3.3.11, 10:55pm
jeff - I am really diggin your new format gang. the nice story composites really suck you in. More images, less space. So f'n good! Talking Campbell style. The dress is beautiful, the weather element, wow. April seems so far away, but inspiration is just a click away. Just google nickel city. Congrats Natalie & Shane!  3.3.11, 10:53pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Jenny! Yeah - something about laying all the photos out together just works. It's cool, shows a cohesion of style and let's you really get a cool overviews of the day. I think we'll keep it :) How the heck are you guys? I saw Nick's sister at the bank the other day and she said you guys were on your honeymoon!  3.3.11, 3:00pm
Jenny Licata - Everything wedding is more and more beautiful! PS: I like the format!  3.3.11, 2:51pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Emily! We're stoked to hear some feedback from other photographers :) We're happy with how it came out and blogging is always more fun when you try something different very now and then.  3.3.11, 12:45pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Yuliya! We'll send you an email - we should totally try to meet up. I'm so sorry it's taken so long!  3.3.11, 12:45pm
Yuka photo art - Beautiful, fresh and touching...as always!!! Guys good luck with your big amazing news! We can not wait to see your little one :-) Please keep us update and if you need any help, let us know!!! (I suppose our plans to meet can not be realized already ?)  3.3.11, 12:44pm
Emily - What an INCREDIBLE wedding, you guys!! These images are all so beautiful. I'm loving the new layout, too.  3.3.11, 12:44pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Emily! We're stoked to hear some feedback from other photographers :) We're happy with how it came out and blogging is always more fun when you try something different very now and then.  3.3.11, 12:44pm
rich + alyssa - I know! How exciting is that? It's so amazing to see one couple at another couple's wedding. It happens around here quite a bit and it's always fun. I put a surprise in that print order you guys put in, something from the reception :)  3.3.11, 11:15am
Alyssa - AHHHH!!! I LOVE these! Natalie and Shane - What a fabulous wedding. Fred and I had so much fun! We will see you (and Alyssa and Rich) at our wedding in less than 3 months!!!  3.3.11, 11:10am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, JG. We HOPE to be calling you super soon :)!!  3.3.11, 11:10am
jongirl - These photos are amazing! And love, love, love the new format and as always, adore the "presentation chatter" between you two. Glad to have you back and what a wonderful bride and groom to start the season. Gorgeous!  3.3.11, 11:09am
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Sally! I DID totally take photos of her working. But I've been told that other women hate that Alyssa has gained like 16 pounds this pregnancy and she does not look 9-months pregnant. So I decided we'd keep that one "in house." :P She'll probably be mad at me for even typing this if she sees this comment!  3.3.11, 9:50am
WhatACard - Love the new format, and really beautiful pictures! I never thought about how beautiful a winter wedding could be! And I can't believe you didn't post a shot of giant Alyssa working--now that I would love to see! Best wishes to you guys! Love you!  3.3.11, 9:46am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Beth!! That was my (rich) favorite, too. Just something about how it all works together :)  3.3.11, 9:40am
Beth - Love the new format!! So many gorgeous pics to choose from...but I love the shot of the bride and bridesmaids holding hands. Good luck with the new little one!  3.3.11, 9:39am
rich + alyssa - Thank you! It'll be time for you guys pretty soon!!! Have you guys gotten your sig book yet? Should be getting there this week. We love it! :)  3.3.11, 9:37am
rich + alyssa - Ooh, we're down under a year now, that's right! Congrats on your countdown :) We can't wait to meet up with you guys for some engagement photos soon!! Thanks for the layout feedback - we're stoked about how it looks!  3.3.11, 9:36am
Colleen & Andrew - Beautiful! And I agree with Gretchen - the new format is killer! Absolutely love that adorable dog too!  3.3.11, 9:35am
Dina - I love the new set up!!!! Plus, these photos are amazing and make me so uber pumped for our winter wedding with you!!!! Hope everything goes well this week and can't wait to see the pictures of little Dexter :) 363 days until our wedding!!!!! :)  3.3.11, 9:35am
rich + alyssa - Ooh, we're down under a year now, that's right! Congrats on your countdown :) We can't wait to meet up with you guys for some engagement photos soon!! Thanks for the layout feedback - we're stoked about how it looks!  3.3.11, 9:35am
rich + alyssa - Cheers, Christine :) We're trying to get him to make an appearance!!! Hopefully we'll have awesome news soon.  3.3.11, 9:30am
Christine - I LOVE that wedding dress! WOW! And of course, your photos are amazing. Best of luck with the new addition - can't wait to hear the news!  3.3.11, 9:14am
rich + alyssa - Hey Caitlin! Happy new year of wedding blogging :) I knew you would loe that photo. I mean, we're all crazy about our dogs, right? And we're all kindof just dog furniture, too :) Keep thinking about us - we're hoping for it to start, like, now!  3.3.11, 9:10am
Caitlin - LOVE the new format, love the shoot, ESPECIALLY loved the picture of the dog laying on her train (got an audible "Awwwwe" from me as well), and will most definitely have "Ice, Ice Baby" playing in my head for the remainder of the day (and it's only 8 AM). GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! Cannot wait to virtually meet Dexter :) We'll be thinking of you all. xoxo  3.3.11, 9:00am
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Kristen - we can't wait to meet him. Like, hopefully today :P. Natalie's gown was amazing. And the Hyatt is always a good experience. So easy to shoot in there and I really like the layout. We'll be back before you know it. We still have a ton to shoot this year :)  3.2.11, 11:50pm
Kristen - I don't think I've seen a more gorgeous wedding gown. It's stunning (as was Natalie!). It was so awesome to see pictures of the Hyatt in all of its reception glory. I'm happy you guys were able to do a blog to keep us satisfied until April (which sounds like FOREVER away). Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition!!!  3.2.11, 11:32pm
rich + alyssa - Thanks, Jen! Yeah, we're pretty happy with it. It takes a while to do, but it's fun :)  3.2.11, 11:00pm
Jen & Matt - What a beautiful couple to start the year with! And loving the new format!!!  3.2.11, 10:42pm
rich + alyssa - Thank you, Gretchen :) We posted and, like, you were there for us five minutes later :) You rock :) I can't believe it's March already. We're super happy we have you guys to look forward to in November - awesome way to end our year this year :)  3.2.11, 9:45pm
Gretchen - I love this so much better than the slide shows (which still kicked butt)!!!! These are gorgeous shots!!!!! P.S. Our e-pics are have gotten so many compliments!!!!!! Can't wait for the wedding!!! 255 days!!!!! :)  3.2.11, 9:44pm