Austin Curtis - I love that you guys have a conversation throughout the blog post! And holy crap, you got so many good ones from this shoot - what a beautiful family!  5.26.11, 1:54pm
aimee - omg--you guys know i love every thing you do, but these family shots are off the charts AH-mazing!! congrats on the wee one and am soooo glad and grateful you guys are keepin' on!  5.22.11, 4:33pm
jonathan cooper - wow.. this is probably one of my favorite shoots i have seen from you two. The family just "pops" from the background. The colors are amazing. i don't even want to start talking about the balloons!  5.12.11, 12:28am
gemma - Wow guys, you've done it again. All that planning pays off and I don't think it's by "luck" that such willing subjects are drawn to you. If and when I have a family, I want shots just like these. Love.  5.5.11, 3:06am
LoriBeth Frey - what a beautiful family and those balloons just brought such a wonderful punch of color to a cloudy day. great job you 2! you really captured a "family". can they go next to the word in the dictionary? :)  5.4.11, 2:32pm
Courtney - Your photographs are so inspiring to me! And that curly hair??? AYKM???  4.30.11, 9:40am
Caitlin - Another awesome shoot, and I'm so hoping to get to see many more of your family shoots this year. I have to say this about all of them... it's the parents that ask for them, but really - how cool will it be for the kids one day to look back on when they're older? Any professional family photos from our generation's youth are sterile and posed. Although they're still important pieces of nostalgia, they're in no way awesome pieces of frozen time like these are. It gives me good goosebumps to think about this little girl looking back on these someday and thinking "wow, my parents were/are CRAZY about me." You capture it oh so well. So much love.  4.29.11, 7:37pm
Gretchen - OMG! Sadie has the absolute best smile!!!! I love it!!!! She is so freaking adorable!!!! What a gorgeous family!!!! Beautiful job guys!!!!!!  4.29.11, 6:58pm
josh solar - Rad session, you two. I especially LOVE that shot with dad bending over kissing Sadie. It also helps that dad is super enthusiastic about being involved in these pics. Makes it WAY more fun for everyone :)  4.29.11, 5:45pm
AlysonO - I'm in love. What a gorgeous shoot, and a gorgeous family. xo  4.29.11, 5:45pm
Lucia - aka, HUGE FAN - You continue to amaze me. Can't wait to shoot with you!!!  4.29.11, 5:33pm
sarah g - You guys are amazing with families!!! These are amazing!! I'm so glad you're back to posting - I can't wait to see what else you do this year (and see shots of your new one!)  4.29.11, 5:32pm
erin - i know i'm an emotional, hormonal wreck since i am pregnant but that was a lot to handle looking at these photos. i kept screaming 'oh my god" and crying. they are amazing. now all sadie can say is "oh my god". you both are gems and we are so lucky that you we know you. i would travel from across the world to have you take my family's photos. xoxo erin  4.29.11, 2:27pm
Dina - Her curls are absolutely adorable!!! It's so neat to see how she's grown over the last year!! These pictures are fantastic and they look like such a happy family!!  4.29.11, 10:21am