Teresa - I just realized that I graduated from high school with Amy! These photos are beautiful. Congratulations and enjoy your wedding day!  6.1.11, 6:05pm
Tracey & Garrett - These pictures are amazing! Amy and Rob look so great together! We love how different their photos are from ours, but they're still absolutely incredible! 1 month to go...  5.26.11, 4:39pm
Jonathan Cooper - wow! that first shot from above is amazing! its like you rented a articulating lift to get dead center above them!  5.26.11, 10:41am
Liz, Garrett's Mom - Hi Amy & Rob, I think the pictures turned out great! Looking forward to the big day, can't wait.  5.18.11, 6:27pm
Donna, Rob's Mom - If I remember right, it rained the night you proposed!!! Absolutely love the pics. You both look sooooo happy!  5.18.11, 4:09am
Amy & Rob - Thank you so much! We love all of the pictures! We couldn't have expected them to come out any better :) Makes me very excited for the wedding! Just weeks away! Thanks again!  5.17.11, 2:14pm
Linda - This is Amy's Mom and I get all choked up when I look at these photos. You do amazing work, post the nicest comments. I am very excited about the wedding. Thank you!  5.16.11, 7:05pm
B.Fry - I am loving the new-ish blog format!! And I'm glad you're back. And I'm glad Dexter rocks. You'll have to fill us in on how home-birth went. And what to do with a newborn. We think we're in for it, come October! ;)  5.16.11, 5:44pm
whitney - gorgeous. I LOVE the photo with the reflected tree in the window. I took a similar shot of some friends on Saturday over on Essex but damn, there was nowhere near as dramatic a tree as that. holy smokes!  5.16.11, 12:50pm
Dina - These are absolutely fantastic!!!!!!! I love them all, especially the ones in the flowered trees!! LOVE!!! Plus, that is the cutest thing ever that Murphy is trying to potty train Dexter already :) Good luck Murphy :)  5.16.11, 9:08am
Caitlin - This shoot turned out awesome, ESPECIALLY in light of the less than ideal weather. They both looked great. The first shot is definitely my fave - gorgeous! Can't wait to see how cool the double wedding ends up being!  5.14.11, 11:18am
Alyssa - Wow these are awesome! Doesn't even look like the weather was bad.. they are so beautiful! A double wedding sounds so cool, too.  5.14.11, 10:52am
Gretchen - Oh man!!!!! There are so many of these that I love!!!! The one in front of the gigantic window is a killer shot!!! I am totally loving all of the shots with the trees!!!!!! You guys still kick ass in the rain!!!!! Yay!!! Good luck today Rich!!!!  5.14.11, 9:14am