Christy - I absolutely love the pics!!!! You guys look so cute together!  6.9.11, 7:50pm
Pat - Jack can you even see blue? The pics are really nice and somehow brought out Jack's inner softness  6.9.11, 2:28am
Kate S. - Lovin all the BLUE!! What great usage of color and lighting... you guys rock!  6.6.11, 5:12pm
Bonney - I'd just like to say, PWNage!  5.27.11, 9:19pm
AlysonO - AHH!! I've been waiting for these!!!! You guys look GORGEOUS (well, Tricia's gorgeous, you're very handsome too Jack ;) ) Love the blue building r+a, amazing, as per usual!! Love love love!!!!!!! xo  5.23.11, 9:54am
Alyssa Roberts - HEY! you guys look great! good luck to you guys. Fred and I are tying the knot next weekend already. Won't be long for you guys either!  5.20.11, 11:05pm
Tricia - You guys are so talented!!!!! I can't wait until November!!!!  5.20.11, 9:03pm
Tricia Marcolini - I love the blue tone and geometric backgrounds on these, a nice contrast from your "big fields yay!" posts, which are always stunning. The couple looks incredible too, I love her name... ;) -Tricia  5.20.11, 12:54pm
Gretchen - I totally wish you would have posted the shot of Rich in the tux!! This blue building kicks some serious butt!! Once again I love the tree shots!!! These are gorgeous photos guys!! I am so ready for super-mega-ultra-season-blog-post-a-thon!!! :)  5.19.11, 5:59pm
Dina - Love!!! These are so fantastic! I love the colors and you're so lucky you got some sunshine for the shoot amongst the massive amount of rain!! Great shoot!!! Oh and Rich- that kind of happened to Travis, but with his turnout gear. They were about 2 inches too short and the customer service rep told him to wear them around for an hour and they would be the right length! Ummm, yeah right haha!!  5.19.11, 3:04pm
Emily - love that blue building! beautiful shoot (as always!)... love the variety.  5.19.11, 12:40pm
Lucia - Heck yeah, guys. Great way to start a coldish Thursday morning :).  5.19.11, 9:39am
scotty - you all know light so well. im jealous.  5.18.11, 10:59pm
Caitlin - I'd recognize that campus anywhere :) The blue building was an AWESOME find, between that and the blue sweaters both of their eyes really popped! Excellent shoot!  5.18.11, 9:53pm