Kate S. - The black & whites are simply breathtaking. Congrats on a beautiful wedding and photo shoot!!! :)  6.6.11, 5:09pm
Kate - Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Where was the cake from?  6.1.11, 11:03pm
Jeff - Holy Crap! These are amazing. One of your best to date. And me and your site have been on a lot of dates. Your tilt shift keeps adding the drama and delight and your black and white recipes are pure delicious. Congrats Lauren and Justin.  6.1.11, 2:32am
Joyce - You two look so beautiful together. Congratulations and best wishes to you both. - Joyce  5.31.11, 4:14pm
Melissa - Beautiful beautiful work and couple! Lauren's dress was stunning! Best wishes to Lauren and Justin : )  5.29.11, 1:58pm
lucia - I am soooo happy I logged in while on vacation to satisfy my blog addiction. Lauren looks amazing!  5.29.11, 8:27am
Gretchen - Such a beautiful wedding!!!!! That cake looks soooo tasty!!!! All of these shots are absolutely stunning!!!!!  5.28.11, 12:44pm
Juan Maclean - wow!! great work - I love the opening b/w shot  5.27.11, 10:05pm
Caitlin - Guys, GORGEOUS stuff! That first shot knocked my socks off when I first saw it on Facebook. Torn from the pages of a fairytale. Best of luck in the new season, can't wait to see what it holds!  5.27.11, 9:26pm
Jacquie Schneegold - BEAUTIFUL!  5.27.11, 5:52pm
Colleen & Andrew - Awesome work, as always. You two are incredibly talented (as I've said before) and incredibly hilarious. Can't wait for next weekend!  5.27.11, 4:41pm
Dina - These are simply stunning!!!! What an amazing shoot!  5.27.11, 4:30pm
Lauren - I will be the first to comment since I have been stalking the site since yesterday from Punta Cana to get a glimpse of our pictures (Justin regrets telling me that I can get Internet here)! I LOVE them!! They're perfect! THANK YOU!  5.27.11, 4:20pm
teresa - just gorgeous! LOVE all the shots surrounded by the greenery and the last one! terrific work as always! :)  5.27.11, 4:12pm
Mike Argento - BRAVO!!! these are incredible. Love it. Keep up the good work friends!!! :)  5.27.11, 4:10pm
fer juaristi - hardcore game guys, love this story.  5.27.11, 4:08pm