Aunt Nancy - Great photos! Captured the wonderful day it was.  6.6.11, 11:31pm
Gretchen - I love the flowers!! They are gorgeous!! I love the wedding party shots, especially the last one on the stairs at Albright Knox!! Still loving the mini photo studio!!!!! Beautiful job guys!!!!!!  6.5.11, 9:23pm
Kate S. - Can't get enough of the photo booth shots... they are so great!!!!! Keep 'em comin!!!  6.3.11, 4:03pm
Sal & Julie Teresa's parents - you are award winning photographers...everyone wants you...& we're so glad T found you!!!! photo booth captured everyone candidly...saluti & grazie  6.3.11, 10:45am
Judy Pitisi - Just love it all, but partial to the black and white shots. Great work for a great couple.  6.2.11, 10:17pm
Jenny Brooke - You captured the day so spot on...and the photo both was awesome :)  6.2.11, 3:43pm
Kristen - All of the pictures are fantastic, as usual! The flowers were stunning for this wedding. And, the bonus is we are also having our ceremony at Holy Spirit so it was great to get a sneak peek at the mass! 100 days!  6.2.11, 9:27am
jocelyn freidman - I am such a huge fan of the photo studio shots. The whole post is amazing, but those are so much fun. Congrats on your season kicking off, Alyssa and Rich!  6.1.11, 10:01pm
Dave - Wow.....i mean wow i cant say how amazed i am at the photos. You guys made our wedding perfect. If you guys were chicken wings you would be smothered in awesome sauce.  6.1.11, 7:30pm
Tony/Jim (aka) SCJ - The photo booth was a wonderful gift to you both....It really was just the envelopes! Luv ya both!  6.1.11, 6:39pm
Colleen & Andrew - Mini photo studio = coolest thing ever. This looks like an insanely fun wedding!  6.1.11, 6:02pm
Caitlin - I'm pretty sure I can speak for all of your loving and loyal fans when I say that the #1 reason that we love you guys so much is that you ARE the type of photogs that don't hesitate to jump into the mini photo studio :-) You make such a personal connection with each and every couple that is sooo priceless, and surely it only adds to the ability to create awesome images like these with all of them. Much love!!  6.1.11, 5:31pm
anna gabamonte - The pictures are amazing! You and Dave look so happy!! Thanks for sharing your day!! Congratulations again!!!!  6.1.11, 4:20pm
Jennifer Piper - These are amazing photos. Truly looks like a celebrity wedding! Teresa you look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!  6.1.11, 3:58pm
Dave and Teresa - You captured our day perfectly! These photos are breathtaking and brought tears to our eyes. We are so glad that you guys jumped into the photo booth because you were such an important part of our wedding day. (glad you weren't traumatized :)) You both are truly masters of photography! We can't thank you guys enough...but we'll try: thank you, thank you, thank you!  6.1.11, 3:21pm
Scott T. - Unbelievable pictures. They show the day with beauty, energy and love. All the best in life.  6.1.11, 1:45pm
lucia - I love your mini studio shots. I see you guys in there!!!!  6.1.11, 1:39pm
Dina - I love them!!! They're so fantastic!!!! Great job and great looking wedding!! Congrats!  6.1.11, 1:21pm
Danielle - Awesome pictures! What a fun day :)  6.1.11, 1:15pm
Amy - Great pictures! Love them all, everybody looks truly happy. What beautiful flowers too :)  6.1.11, 12:28pm