Julie - thank you for sharing the blog, well done.  4.3.17, 4:31am
Gretchen - The lighting is amazing the these shots!!! They are all so nature-y!! Yay for tall grass!!!!! So awesome!!!  10.24.11, 10:08pm
Brandi - You guys look awesome in these pictures! Sooo happy for you!! Looking forward to May 2012!!!  8.6.11, 12:17pm
Andrea Ball - Fabulous pictures!!  7.31.11, 2:15pm
Caitlin - Gorgeous. The blue dress was an excellent choice by Jenn. I love the hipster out-of-focus, tall-grass-in-the-background shot. You don't need no stinking directions - you kill it no matter where you end up.  7.30.11, 5:03pm
Kate S - Just beautiful!!! The wind-blowing-though-the-field-pictures get me every time :)  7.27.11, 4:05pm
Jesse Pafundi - Great work as usual. Dig it.  7.27.11, 11:40am
Beth - Amazing! Everything about these photos is grand. You two have a gift in bringing the love out in a shoot!  7.27.11, 9:50am
scotty - cursing wonderful  7.27.11, 9:30am
Dina - These are simply stunning!!! What an absolutely gorgeous shoot and couple!! Love it!!  7.27.11, 9:09am
Jeff - Let's see... we have a cute couple, an open field, yummy light, sun flare, silhouettes, affection, laughter and love. Yup...that is photo goodness right there. Jenn & Bob, congrats!  7.27.11, 8:52am
Jen - Simply beautiful! And thank you all for your service...it is appreciated.  7.26.11, 9:58pm