Kate S - Yay! I got a shout out :) The pops of color in these shots are awesome! Such a vibrant, happy couple... great e-shoot guys!  8.2.11, 4:25pm
Marissa - The lighting in this shoot is awesome! And that bubble wall and curved fence were very cool backgrounds. :-)  8.1.11, 10:10pm
josh - Killer set! Love that curved fence and colorful bubble wall. It's also great to be able to shoot clients who totally GET you and LOVE you for you. You can see how happy they are :)  7.31.11, 11:18am
Caitlin - LOVE the wood-sided wall and the bubble wall - you guys find the best backgrounds for shooting. (ALMOST as good as your parents letting you get the laser light background for school pictures. Almost.) Excellent stuff and thanks for the love :)  7.30.11, 4:59pm
Dina - Oh and I love how in the first fence shot, it looks like the fence is different colors!! Totally rad!!!!  7.29.11, 10:30am
Dina + Travis - We love them!!! I was waiting to comment until Travis was able to see them so here I am. You guys are so amazing and we had such a great time hanging out with you!!! I am in love with every single shot and am going to have such a hard time choosing which one we want to hang up in the house!!! Thanks for being such amazing people to work with and we can't wait for the wedding!!!  7.29.11, 9:09am
Amanda Kolin - You guys are Great!!!!! And who knows how many nights you DONT sleep and figure out how to keep it together and have so much fun with your clients! Simply amazing!  7.28.11, 10:37pm
Megan Laska - Amazing pictures!!! They are so beautiful!!! You can definitely see the love between you guys :-)  7.28.11, 9:00pm
Amberle - I agree! That last image totally kicks it!! And I LOVE that bubble wall!! :) Dina! You and your hunnie look great!! So happy for you!! AAAAnnnnd R&A, you guys totally rock!! :)  7.28.11, 7:02pm
Lucia - Yay - another frequent commenter finally on the blog!!!! Congrats you two - you look amazing together!!  7.28.11, 1:29pm
Hug - Love that last image. The light is kind of totally perfect.  7.28.11, 12:57pm
Hug - Love that last image. The light is kind of totally perfect.  7.28.11, 12:57pm
Hug - Love that last image. The light is kind of totally perfect.  7.28.11, 12:57pm
Jennifer @QueenCityBride - the light is dreamy and the bubble wall is full of awesome.  7.28.11, 12:23pm
Katie - Fantastic shoot guys! Love the fence shots...fierce!  7.28.11, 12:15pm
Drew W - Ok I couldn't resist. I love coming here to see your guys work and dialog. This shots look great you 2! And thanks for the laughs.  7.28.11, 11:55am
Barb Rockenbach - Amazing photos!! Definitely captured their love and happiness <3  7.28.11, 11:43am
Kristen - Pics are awesome! So happy it's finally your turn, Dina!!! The fence shot is EPIC - like Harry Potter epic.  7.28.11, 11:38am
Josh Tilton - Nice, nice, nice set of images!  7.28.11, 11:30am
christian gideon - the black and white on the chain link fence is beautiful. great work as always guys.  7.28.11, 11:24am
gretchen - Oh and by the way, I totally want some dippin dots now because of that wall!!  7.28.11, 11:01am
gretchen - Yay! Finally Dina!! This whole shoot is absolutely perfect!! I am so loving the bubble wall!! And yes, Dina does look like Alyssa Milano in that shot! Rich, haven't you ever watched Charmed?! I mean come on now! Haha!!! By the way, I am commenting oh so carefully at work while trying get my bloody nose to stop. Now that's dedication! Just sayin! :). Hehe!  7.28.11, 10:59am
Deanna Canary - These are fun and beautiful pictures, there isnt just one that sticks out. Your love and happiness shines through every picture. :)  7.28.11, 10:53am