Gretchen - Such a beautiful family!!! Morning shots are so killer!!!!! These turned out amazing guys!!!!!  8.26.11, 6:50pm
mary - oh my goodness, these shots are awesome. i adore the hugging family shot, the silhouette is amazing and the one of them playing airplane makes my heart squeeze! superb!  8.25.11, 12:31pm
Miah Klein - so yummy and creative. The sillohette is my fav  8.25.11, 4:24am
josh - That first shot is so incredible. This shoot is far and away showing your growth as photographers. So much emotion captured in a unique and beautiful way. LOVE.  8.24.11, 12:54pm
matthew morgan - the lighting on this one is top notch. cheers  8.24.11, 12:40pm
Jennifer Gilbert - These are fabulous! I love the commentary on your blog post too!  8.22.11, 9:22pm
Kate S - That is some great stuff right there. Fabulous photography R&A!  8.22.11, 9:20pm
Caitlin - heart melting. love every single one.  8.22.11, 11:13am
Bon - wonderfully expressive kids! love it  8.21.11, 11:39pm
jenn ayres - I love every single one! What an absolutely stunning family session! Beautiful shots, as always. :)  8.21.11, 4:09pm
Lucia - Wowza!!! What an amazing shoot!!!!  8.19.11, 9:11pm
Carmen Farrell - I'm speechless. When I look at these I alternate between tearing up and giggling. You captured us beautifully. I know for a fact that these are images that will be cherished for decades to come. When I booked a session with you, I knew you'd take great photos of us. What I didn't know yet, was that you put your hearts and souls into this work you do, and that I would be blown away by your warmth and generosity of spirit. Thank you, friends.  8.19.11, 6:56pm
J Shoda - Effing awesome.  8.19.11, 2:45pm
Shauna - Oh love, love, love these! Carmen, you and your family are too gorg for words... fabulous job capturing every little bit of their love guys!!  8.19.11, 1:28pm
Erin Sonderman Photography - Holycrap, most amazing family photo shoot ever. And I mean ever! You guys got some seriously killer shots here.  8.19.11, 1:05pm
Scott - Wow. These look incredible thank you soooo much Rich and Allysa!  8.19.11, 12:11pm
Dina - Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! I love all of the shots and the kids are so cute!!!!! What a happy family!!  8.19.11, 12:10pm
Erin Oveis Brant - I'm in love!!! These are the kind of photos every family should have! At least in my opinion anyway :) Brilliant session!  8.19.11, 12:02pm