Jennifer @QueenCityBride - YAY for Bubbles.  9.4.11, 1:20pm
Kate S - Puh-puh-puh-puuuhhleeeeeaaase dont ever change your blog layout... looking at all of your fantistic photos brings me (and many others, as you can tell by your numerous faithful blog followers) so much HAPPINESS!!! Checking this blog is sometimes the highlight of my day, and if there weren't so many beautiful images to fawn over, like all the ones above, then that would just be downright depressing. We love you guys and we appreciate all of the heart and soul you put into your work, so keep the faith! And never apologize for the lengthiness between posts- you have 2 young kids and work like crazy, jeesh! :)  8.30.11, 8:18pm
Jeff - Emotionally charged, beautifully intimate, colorfully brilliant. Your work has matured so much and has raised the bar of coverage that two can do on a wedding day. Winding down you may be, but leaving your mark, you are. (A bit of Yoda for the end)  8.30.11, 1:19am
Dina - Gretchen and Kristen hit the nail on the head! You guys truly are amazing at what you do and fantastic people. It really makes working with you all the more special because you guys really care about your work and your clients. Amazing shots and great post!  8.29.11, 10:15am
Kristen - Gretchen totally stole my line. I agree completely. One of the reasons we chose you guys was because of the amount of time and dedication you give to each and every one of your couples. I love going to weddings and with your blog, I feel like I've been a party of all of these couples' special days. It's pretty incredible that you can have that effect and you definitely shouldn't change your style! You guys are the best. Thank you for what you do. See you in 13 days!  8.28.11, 9:56am
Gretchen - There is so much to say but where do I start!! I love that you guys use so many shots for the blog, every single picture just captures your talents more and more with every post!! It shows you guys can make anything work with whatever is thrown at you! That being said (and with what you said about lighting in the church), I keep hoping our church won't be too dark. :/ The 4th shot in the 3rd set is so sweet!!! I also love the last shot with all the awesome woodsy-ness in the 6th set!!!! Fantastical works as per always!!!!!  8.26.11, 6:50pm