Gretchen - Every shot is stunning!!! The cake shot is so sweet (haha, cuz its cake, get it?!), no but seriously, that cake is so amazing!! It looks vintage!! I love the changing leaves shot but I hope they dont all change in 18 and a half days!! lol! The father daughter dance shots are so beautiful!!!!!  10.24.11, 11:15pm
Lucia - This one one of your best!! I love the emotional feel of the day. I was totally with you guys the whole way through the post.  9.27.11, 10:27am
pierre - really good mood and perfect pictures  9.27.11, 10:20am
Tanya - Can we just say how much i LOVE the shoulder jacket thing she wore for the reception!!!??? SO adorable and SUCH a different look! :)  9.27.11, 6:53am
Dina - So beautiful! It looks like such an amazing wedding. Great job!  9.25.11, 6:45pm
Sandra L. Denn - Oh my goodness Rich and Alyssa......absolutely beautiful pictures of Chelsea and Jay's special day! You captured the beauty and the love between these two special people. It was so evident at the ceremony and the reception and you captured it on film to show the rest of the world who didn't happen to be there to witness their magical day!  9.25.11, 10:52am
Alexis - Every single one of these photographs embodies every emotion felt at the wedding. Amazing day, fabulous photographers and wonderful memories etched in photos that will last a lifetime! Rich and Alyssa-Thank you for making my sister and brother-in-law's day so special. My family hopes to do more business with you in the future. AWESOME JOB!  9.24.11, 5:34pm
Dawn - I love this wedding post! My fave pics: the one with the two of them under the fall foliage – absolutely gorgeous! And the one with the bride front and center for the group dance, with the ceiling awesomely symmetrical behind her. As always, amazing photos, guys!!  9.24.11, 2:15am
Jesse Pafundi - So good. Love the emotional shots.  9.24.11, 12:55am
Chelsea - These look so great!! I love all of the reception action shots :)  9.23.11, 11:31pm
Rich - I totally just loaded the page to look over the post and two of your e-shoot photos popped up. Love it :)  9.23.11, 7:03pm