Gretchen - Alright, so I totally looked at these when they got posted, then Kristen gave me the "secret password" (hehe!) to check out all the shots of their wedding and they are all just absolutely freaking amazing!!!!!! You guys just captured them perfectly!!!! I think the shot of Brandon crying during the vows is my favorite!! I love seeing shots like that!!!! Absolutely gorgeous job guys!!!!  10.24.11, 11:18pm
Kate S. - This shoot is awesome! Everyone looked so comfortable in front of the camera and the personality is practically tangible in every single one of these shots!! Love the silliness of the pics while romping around the hotel... sounds like something I would do! Fantastic guys :)  10.4.11, 5:26pm
Sara - I love that we ran into you while shooting this wedding - I knew the photos would be amazing!! I love the rooftop photos, how unique! Congratulations to the happy couple :)  9.30.11, 12:16pm
Dina - Ugh being home sick and missing a blog post is the worst!! Anyway, I love these!!!!! The sky is so killer! What a beautiful wedding and it looks like it was so much fun!!! I love the fireman shots too, but I could be a little biased :)  9.30.11, 9:32am
Emily - Super fun pics! The rooftop shots are especially awesome!  9.29.11, 6:23pm
Caitlin - The rooftop shots are spec-freaking-tacular. How cool! I also LOVE the way the bridesmaids' bouquets turned out - you NAILED the wildflower look Kristen, they were beautiful! PS - I also totally read that article about Buffalo being the best football town and it made my Buffalovin heart swell with pride :)  9.29.11, 4:48pm
Beth - I LOVE the mirrored elevator shot! How fun!  9.29.11, 2:17pm
Jennifer @QueenCityBride - YAY!!! Kristen blogs for us!! YAY!!!  9.29.11, 12:27pm
Mike - Once again, you guys have put it in a bottle. You can "feel" the emotion of this wedding just by looking at the images which is the apex of this art form.  9.29.11, 12:11pm
Adriane - LOVE them! It was such a fun wedding- thanks for capturing all the good times for Kristen and Brandon :-)  9.29.11, 12:10pm
Kristen - WOW. I can't thank you both enough for the amazing way you captured our wedding. We had the most wonderful day, with the most wonderful people and we are so happy that you were there to capture it for us. It wouldn't have been the same without you both. We will treasure these pictures and memories for the rest of our lives. Thank you so, so, so much.  9.29.11, 12:06pm
Marilyn - Wow, you guy did an amazing job, as I knew you would! I can't wait to see all of the pictures. If these are any indication, we are in for the best wedding photos ever. And you two were adorable!  9.29.11, 12:03pm