Jeff - God I love these. The fall colors are really vibrant. Just stunning!  10.31.11, 12:52am
KatieM. - These are SO cool!! Another fabulous set of photos by you two!!!  10.27.11, 12:02pm
becca - love the bicycles! I seriously love your family shoots.  10.27.11, 11:00am
Marcy Noonan - Your are so blessed with talent to capture families this way. Good work!  10.27.11, 9:10am
Colleen - They made it so easy to just "be"...all natural. The boys didn't even know they were on a photo-shoot because it was all about exploring. They captured "us" -just being a family on a Fall afternoon.  10.27.11, 12:23am
Caitlin - Beautiful family. I LOVE that you guys are able to do (or at least it seems...) more family shoots lately. Every picture is so dynamic. (I imagine) with kiddos there's so much happening at any given time, it's nice to have beautiful freeze frames like these to capture it all!  10.26.11, 9:17pm
Emily - Super cute family! Love the boots :) great post all around, as always!  10.26.11, 4:50pm
Lucia - Aww, back to back adorable family posts!! I love what you guys do with families. It's so different from your wedding and engagement shoots, but in a really cool way. One day, when I have babies!!!!  10.26.11, 12:44pm
Dina - What an adorable family and look at that beautiful red hair!!!!!!! The colors in this shoot are simply amazing. Oh and I LOVE her glasses!! They're totally rad!!! Now bring on the snow :)  10.26.11, 12:42pm
sara - Love these! The shots on bikes are great - what a fun family!  10.26.11, 12:37pm